BUSH LIFE: new photographic collection, inspired by the Australian bush

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The colours, textures and aromas of the Australian bush provide fertile inspiration for a new creative collection simply titled BUSH LIFE.


Add an expression of Australian identity to the fabric of your home, by featuring a work from the BUSH LIFE collection as a wall art piece, or your creative kitchen splashback perhaps.

Click through to see the full collection.



Visual Resource Photography by Michael Collins BUSH LIFE 06

Capturing the colour & mood of the Australian bush in an interpretive, abstract manner. Artwork shown – BUSH LIFE # 6


All I want for Christmas is a brand new kitchen

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Did your kitchen cope with the Christmas day feast this year?

If you are anything like me, coordinating the roast turkey, vegetables, gravy and assorted trimmings to be ready to serve at the one time… is more than a little challenging.

And while it is true, a new kitchen will not make you cook like Jamie Oliver or look like Nigella while doing it; having a well designed, high functioning kitchen on your side is super helpful and makes days like Christmas a smoother, more enjoyable ride. (Not to mention… it’s just great to have a good kitchen, all year round!)

So if you are contemplating the notion of a new kitchen in the New Year, we have an idea for you that will make yours unlike any other.

‘How?’ you ask.

Instead of playing it safe or being ‘beige’ with your splashback choice, by using a plain colour glass option or tiles for example. Instead, you could be a little more adventurous, introducing some colour and letting your personality shine through. Our idea is to encourage you to put your mark on the all-important heart of the home, with something creative.

And now… take a peek at just a few of the incredible kitchens we have had the pleasure to assist with this year. Fine examples of people putting their unique ‘mark’ on the home they live in.


The Glen Iris home has character, charm, a cohesive blend of old and new, and a VR Art Glass splashback featuring ‘Poppies’ artwork


The Melbourne Skyline images captured by photographer Michael Collins are always popular, because they are stunning! Equally glorious in colour or in timeless black & white, VR customise this element to best compliment your kitchen.


A home where colour was embraced and the ‘Seasons Autumn’ photographic artwork became the inspiration when selecting other finishes for the kitchen. The result is vibrant & delightful. View more incredible landscape images in the Classic Gallery.



Great design can be transformative. Here a classic white ‘blank canvas’ kitchen was given an injection of bold colour and movement, with the beautifully designed abstract photographic artwork COLOUR SPLASH # 1. Original artwork, available exclusively from Visual Resource.


And for more inspiration and ideas for your home, please view the VR Facebook page.


Hamptons inspired design plus incredible photo art splashback

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What do you get when you combine classic Hamptons inspired design and incredible photography on the splashback?

You get this wonderful kitchen, designed by Georgina Rowe.


The kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist, thanks to the addition of the feature VR Art Glass splashback.


About the kitchen

The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style. Elegant & refined best describes the feel of the inviting and well-appointed kitchen.

The sophisticated colour palette and use of natural materials is complimented by the Art Glass splashback. Georgina was feeling completely uninspired by tiles (for the splashback choice), so she opted for a custom image splashback, which provides a delicate feature in perfect balance with the surrounds.

VR Art Glass, a custom feature

With Georgina providing creative direction, some changes were made to the original image captured by photographer Michael Collins.


Georgina selected HIGH COUNTRY #15 for her kitchen splashback. After some customisation, (seen at bottom) the image is refined & elegant just like the rest of the kitchen. The artwork provides a perfect match!


When looking at the top image, you can see the original. Then underneath it, you can see the customised version.

The changes:

  1. The intensity of the colour was subdued.
  2. The fallen branch in the stream was removed.


About the designer

To experience more of Georgina’s appealing style and learn more about her work and the services available, visit interiors of woodend online, or visit the store: 4A Collier St. Woodend 3442


What’s your style?

The beauty of working with a creative finish like VR Art Glass, it can be shaped and molded to compliment any style.

Be it an eye-catching wow factor to set off your predominantly white kitchen, or a more subtle integration with the surrounds – VR Art Glass offers complete versatility.

Depending on the artwork you select, VR Art Glass can deliver the level of impact you desire, ranging from high visual impact, right through to elegant and understated.


Is image quality important? Can I just grab an image off the web for example?

In theory, yes you can source an image off the web. On your phone or your computer screen, it will look lovely. How good it looks once it is enlarged to the size of your splashback… well that depends entirely on how large the file size is.

In short – the quality of the imagery will make an enormous difference to how good (or bad) your splashback looks.

A few visuals at this point will be helpful. The first shows the original image Georgina selected, prior to any customisation. You can see the full image inset. (It is the smaller image.) Then, the rest of what you can see is a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size.



Example 1. Image captured by photographer Michael Collins. A quality image able to enlarge to big sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail & clarity.


The details in the image above are crisp and clear. Notice the log in the water, the shape of the leaves, even the blades of grass! The image has clarity and looks great. Why? Because the image has been taken by a photographer, using professional camera gear. It is a quality image that will enlarge to extreme sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail and clarity.


Next: a second example from the other end of the spectrum.



Example 2 shows the poor reproduction quality that occurs when the file being used is not large enough for the task. Image clarity is lost, when enlarged.

By contrast, the second image shows the sort of disappointing result that occurs when the image file is simply not up to the task. If the file size is small, it is going to struggle when your splashback enlargement is 2m plus in size. It just won’t cut it!

The image above shows the full image inset (this is the smaller visual you can see.) Then, a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size. The poor image quality you see is the result of pixilation. The image clarity is lost.

We share this imaging insight with you, to help prevent disappointment. If the image quality of the second example looks OK, then go for it. (Seek away, images off the Internet.) However, if you would like a much better end result for your kitchen, the image quality a photographer can offer you will make a huge difference.


Tell me more about the Hamptons design style: where does it originate from, and what is it like?

Originally, the Hamptons style took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York. And today, the Hamptons style often evokes a sense of costal, casual living, which is elegant and refined.

The Hamptons style kitchen is set apart by the use of natural materials, a sophisticated palette, classic shapes, along with an abundance of natural light.



The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style.


Georgina’s kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist. It is the first time we have installed VR Art Glass in this style of kitchen and we are so delighted with the result. The artwork choice Georgina made, along with the creative changes Georgina requested, provides balance and completes the kitchen in pitch perfect harmony. The kitchen is elegant and refined, to say the least!

Moonee Ponds Apartment offers a STAR attraction

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When we first met in late 2014, Joan and I spoke about her new apartment, yet to be built. Joan was actively involved with the layout and interior design aspects, and she planned for ‘a star’ within the centrally located kitchen, as a way to give the interior a focal point and a distinct personality. The solution – VR Art Glass!

On viewing the Melbourne photographic artwork collections on the VR Gallery, it did not take Joan long to find ‘the one’. ‘Melbourne Mono # 4’ captured by photographer Michael Collins celebrates the architectural diversity Melbourne offers, in a character filled soulful way.

Visual Resource creates incredible photographic artworks, and then finishes them onto glass. VR Art Glass gives an eye catching and long lasting splashback option.

And what does Joan think of her new kitchen, complete with VR Art Glass?

I love it.

It just looks so good!

I said I wanted it to be the STAR in my apartment and it certainly is that!!!

Thank you Joan, for trusting VR to deliver the all-important ‘star’ within your brand new apartment.

We think it looks amazing!




VR first spoke to Joan in late 2014. Then, some 20 months later, the result of our conversations and plans for her kitchen splashback are complete. The result? A STAR is born.



NATURES SHAPE Collection 2 – creativity leads to new artworks

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We are often asked, ‘how did you do that?’ and it is difficult to answer how new art travels from an imagining into reality. So rather than trying to give you a nuts and bolts account of the ‘how’ process (which is never the same twice…), we think a far more interesting topic to explore is the nature of creativity itself.


Much has been written about creativity, including:

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being.

Creativity requires passion and commitment.

It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life.

From ‘The Courage to Create’, by Rollo May

But enough about what others write or say… here is what we think about creativity.

Creativity is:

Setting forth on a path when you don’t know what the end destination will be. You venture and explore despite the uncertainly. And by embracing the unknown, allowing yourself to be hurled into unchartered waters: original, inventive, surprising and remarkable works are born.

The musings of Toni & Michael Collins


That is our experience of creativity. Is it scary? Sometimes. Is it energising? Definitely.

And as a result of putting creativity, exploration and play at the wheel: we proudly present you with a new collection of photographic artworks titled, NATURES SHAPE – Collection 2’.

A small tasting plate is here for you. The feast experience waits – please click through to view the new Collection.

Original Photogrpahic Art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource 15 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2

15 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2 – Original photographic art by Michael Collins. Available exclusively from Visual Resource.


Original Photographic Art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource 06 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2

06 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2 – Original photographic art by Michael Collins. Available exclusively from Visual Resource.


Original Photographic Art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource 01 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2

01 NATURES SHAPE Collection 2 – Original photographic art by Michael Collins. Available exclusively from Visual Resource.




FLORAL THREADS collection of photographic art: in sync with the future ORGANIC MATTER trend

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ORGANIC MATTER is one of the trends predicted to influence interior finishes and schemes for 2017, by Lead Futurist – Victoria Redshaw.


The Organic Matter trend explores possible creative outcomes of extreme naturalness that is not pruned, coaxed or restrained. It is unrestricted and unencumbered, effectively tipping the balance of control back to Nature.
In this trend, the laws of Nature rule.

Presented by Victoria Redshaw, Lead Futurist of Scarlet Opus (UK)


The Floral Threads collection of photographic art by Visual Resource reflects the influence, and captures the inspiration of the Organic Matter trend beautifully.

Created using an extreme macro view of the natural texture and colour given to us by nature: Floral Threads artworks offer no refinements, processing or taming of nature. Instead, nature is unleashed in full, glorious, organic colour and texture.

We hope you enjoy the raw, unstructured wildness the Floral Threads collection has to offer.


02 Floral Threads photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

The Floral Threads collection of artworks created by VR is in sync with the future trend Organic Matter, in colour palette & inspiration.


What is a Futurist?

Recently at the Décor & Design interiors event held in Melbourne, Victoria Redshaw, the Lead Futurist for trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus (UK) presented three distinct upcoming trends for 2017 and beyond. Victoria Redshaw’s audience was gifted with the startling end result of the ‘Futurists’ trend forecasting work.


Lisa Green, Editor in Chief of ‘Australian House & Garden’ magazine, sheds some light on how the work is done. She wrote in the August 2016 edition of H&G

The world of the trend forecaster is a strange one. Forced to exist in the future, they spend their time gazing into the modern equivalent of a crystal ball, sifting through economic, social, consumer drivers and highly visible industries such as fashion, automotive and technology to predict what consumers will do next.

Victoria Redshaw’s report brings together the collective mutterings of scouts the world over, grouping like-finds into categories then filtering them further to arrive at broad-brush ‘movements’ that are then boiled down into subsets of social movements / consumer sentiments and further distilled into colour palettes for 2017 & 2018.

After reading this insight into the Futurists process, I continue to be intrigued by the work of Lead Futurist Victoria Redshaw and her UK agency Scarlet Opus. I understand there is extensive research and rigour that goes into the development of the trends predicted.

The trends ring true to me and I look forward to seeing the predicted influences in colour and materials start to filter through people’s projects. If (for example) the Organic Matter trend strikes a chord with you, perhaps a piece from the VR Floral Threads collection will make an excellent addition to your kitchen, or an artwork for the wall.

View the full collection for inspiration of the extreme naturalness kind.

03 Floral Threads photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

Nature untamed in full, glorious, organic colour & texture – that is what ‘Floral Threads’ has to offer.


Focal points such as this set a home apart

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Exceptional wall art is within reach, thanks to the opening of an exciting new shop.


You don’t want your home to be just like everyone else’s, and you know individuality lies in the detail. So why not express your style and create a focal point with original art?


“Yeah right… easier said than done!”

may well be a thought crossing your mind about now…

Sourcing art for the walls involves a plethora of considerations, such as…

  • Where do I go to find wall art that does not look generic and well… just plain ordinary?
  • How do I know what type of visual is going to be ideal for my home and a reflection of my style?
  • And then there is size to think about… am I going to be asked, ‘what size did you have in mind?’ because, I have not thought about that.


Sheesh! There are so many things to think about!

So when it comes to finding wall art worthy of a place in your home, and not merely giving you some visual clutter, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a bit tricky…. and leave the task for another day.

It is true – here at Visual Resource we offer custom art solutions for all sorts of projects. For us, working together with people on the selection of an image, then preparing it to the custom size required, we get excited about that. That said, we also completely understand… sometimes you may not want to put in that sort of effort, you may be looking for fewer decisions, less complexity, and well… just a more streamlined, easier method.

And here it is! VR Art Prints: an easy access wall art option available from the VR SHOP.


When visiting the VR SHOP, here is what you will find:



We don’t expect you to wade through hundreds of mediocre artworks in search of a few gems. Instead, we have curated a unique selection of amazing images. The editing has been done to save you time. Only exceptional artworks make it into the VR Art Prints range.


VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art LANEWAY ENCLAVE Melbourne by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring LANEWAY ENCLAVE. Photo art by Michael Collins.



VR Art Prints are not mass-produced poster prints. Instead, each piece is individually printed to give a luminosity and quality only found in authentic photography. The difference when compared to low cost generic art is remarkable.

The size of the print has been thought about also. No decision to be made. The size is a generous 91cm wide x 61cm high.



When you consider, VR Art Prints are the happy union of stunning creative images, and a superb photographic archival print – the asking price provides great value.

VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art MELBOURNE 4 23 Skyline by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring MELBOURNE COLLECTION 4, # 23. By Michael Collins for Visual Resource.


So if we both agree, nothing short of extraordinary deserves to be hung on your walls: there are two possible avenues to take.



Let’s say your artwork will be going into a kitchen for a feature splashback, or a large format wall mural, for example. Visual Resource will prepare your artwork to the exact size required, on a finish we recommend to best suit your project. We will even consult with you to help you reach a final image selection from the VR Collections.

VR happily provide a high level of service to deliver you a custom solution.  In fact, this is the cornerstone of the Visual Resource offer and it will continue.

Over the years however, we have also come to recognise that sometimes your artwork requirements are simpler. You may not want (or need) to invest the time and energy a custom piece involves.  And so, here is an alternative.



A concise selection of captivating, unique VR images, combined with exceptional photographic printing: gives you a frame ready archival print.


  • Visit the VR Shop – anytime, anywhere
  • Select the VR Art Print you like
  • Place your order


You are now one giant leap closer to adding incredible art into your home. It’s that easy!


VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art 02 LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring 02 LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL. Art by Michael Collins


VR Art Glass wall art feature Melbourne Monochrome 22 photography art by Michael Collins

Example of a custom art piece from Visual Resource. Using the VR Art Glass finish, the artwork is sized to fit perfectly in the wall unit. VR image: Melbourne Mono # 22 with a slight Sepia Tone.


Enjoy art in the physical form – rather than just fleetingly on a screen

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We are surrounded, even bombarded with hundreds of images every day. We receive an abundance of visual stimulus from Facebook, TV and the Internet, even if we only see these visuals for a fleeting moment.

As a lovely contrast, it is calming, even restorative to slow things down and enjoy the physical experience of art. Imagine less volume of imagery, in place of something longer lasting and incredible.

Nothing compares to seeing something in person.  


The impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked. Authentic photographic artworks deliver so many things, including:

  • Art creates an atmosphere
  •  Art can be exciting and inspiring
  •  Art can add further colour and character to your home
  •  Art can become a focal point for a room
  • “Art is like salt, pepper or chilli – it adds spice to life and encourages you to be inspired.”  Nicolia Monies – Jeweller – Copenhagen.


And by far, the most personal benefit is…

By adding your choice of art, you express your style while also setting your home apart.


To get you in the mood for selecting a new piece of astounding wall art, let’s consider two possible options.

Do I go bold and create an eye-catching focal point?


Do I go with more subtle design and tones to compliment the rest of the colour scheme? To blend in and be a team player…

Here are a few tips for you to consider, when making the decision for you and your home.



Tip 1.

If you have mostly neutral furnishings, they provide a ‘blank canvas’ if you like…

Your choice of artwork can create a contrast to the interior, instead of trying to match what is there now.

This gives you a free rein, as you can be guided by the artwork that moves you, regardless of its style, shape or colour palette.


Tip 2.

Once you have found the artwork that moves you, then you can draw inspiration from the artwork for items like cushions or vases to reflect some colours from your art. These ‘accents’ will serve to tie the room together.

Repeating colours within the artwork (accents), increases the artworks impact in the room.


Tip 3.

There is no end to the possible visual subject matter of art. It could be for example, a stunning Melbourne street scene, busting with life, character and colour. Like the ‘Street Art’ photographic artwork seen above.

Alternatively, you may like to make a splash with an abstract photo art: rich in colour along with a sense of movement in the design. For example, ‘Natures Shape # 4’ seen below.

Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art NATURES SHAPE 4

GOING BOLD. Instead of trying to match your interior, this option gives you free rein to select art that moves you. Art on the wall ‘Natures Shape # 4’



Then there is the second option…


Tip 1.

An alternative approach when selecting an artwork is to select a piece that matches or blends with your interior.

This involves selecting an artwork which combines colours, shapes, forms, and styles that are completely in unison with your interior.

This gives harmony where the artwork is a team player, rather than the star.


Tip 2.

Choices, choices! Don’t despair. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. Having choice is not only inspiring – it is essential!


And for one last overarching tip, not specific to being bold or subtle…

As you look at art, you will know what you like. So trust yourself and go with your instincts. Your taste in art will be entirely personal, so why not choose something you love.

Art bought with your heart will never disappoint.


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL 01

BEING SUBTLE. Select an artwork in unison with your interior. The art will be a team player, rather than a star. Art on the wall ’01 Liquid Sculpture – Neutral’


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art SHADOW PLAY 06

BEING SUBTLE. Art on the wall ‘Shadow Play 06’. Photographic artwork by Michael Collins.


Visual Resource enjoy art in the physical form not just on a small screen

Feeling bombarded by images? Keep in mind… Nothing compares to seeing something in person. And the impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked.

Memories of Versailles Gardens: makes for a creative splashback

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The bench to ceiling format of the VR Art Glass splashback creates a striking focal point for the kitchen and dining area.


The warmth of the timber flooring and dining table reflect colour from the tree lined avenue photograph: just one of the elements making the choice of image for the splashback fit so perfectly within the home.


Of even greater fit and cohesion however, is the fact that the image has great significance to homeowner Poppy. As a photograph she captured, there are many things loved about the image. Poppy could visualise this photograph within the planned renovation.


There was however a technical obstacle to be overcome…

The size of the kitchen splashback is an impressive 2m wide x 1.6m high.

When Poppy first brought her image file in for Michael to look at, the realization was, the size of the file was not going to be large enough to provide a quality print. The file was just too small for the task.

But on further reflection… knowing how integral the image was to the renovation and how important it was to Poppy, Toni and Michael came up with an idea to ‘tweak’ the file, so that a print for the sizable splashback area could be done, while still looking visually fantastic.


Many photographic enhancements were made to Poppy’s original image, including:

  • Removal of people in the central lawn area
  • Removal of people in the side lane area
  • Removal of sign in the side lane area
  • Removal of a bird’s wing along the top of the photo
  • Improved clarity and saturation of colour
  • Crop image to suit the splashback format
  • Along with one more very significant creative treatment change, to enable a quality reproduction of the image at the large splashback size.


Using creative photographic skills, VR were able to make many enhancements, in order for a quality splashback to be possible.

VR Art Glass Trees in the garden of Versailles before and after enhancements

The original image, taken by Poppy is seen on the left. The final image complete with enhancements is seen on the right.


Without making the improvements to the supplied photograph, the end result would be have been disappointing for Poppy. Instead – this is what Poppy had to say about the experience and the new splash back:

We were very impressed with both Toni and Michael from Visual Resource. We wanted to use our own artwork for a splashback (which was not at an appropriate resolution for the size of the splashback that we wanted). However, Michael waved his magic over our artwork, removed all the blemishes and enhanced the image to produce a truly beautiful picture of the required size.  Everyone’s first word when they see our splashback is “WOW!”

Apart from being skilled and creative, Toni and Michael were always a pleasure to work with.  We would highly recommend Visual Resource to anyone wanting a great visual splashback from people who are hands-on and work calmly to get the best outcome.


Further details about the kitchen renovation:

  • Sam Robinson Interior Design designed the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Victoria Kitchen Company built the kitchen.
  • Finishes Include:
    • Benchtops: WK Quantum Quartz -Pearly Shores
    • Cabinetry: Polytex – Stone Grey Sheen
    • Splashback: VR Art Glass featuring the owners own photo.
    • Schweigen Ceiling Mounted Rangehood
    • Flooring: Karndean, Van Gogh Mid Wood – Lancewood


VR ArtGlass Printed glass splashback by Visual Resource Trees in the garden of VERSAILLES

VR Art Glass splashback features ‘Trees in the garden of Versailles’, a photograph captured by homeowner Poppy.


One Home – Two Impressive VR Art Glass Features

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Within the one home are two very different art features. From the abstract grace of FIRE & ICE in the light filled kitchen upstairs, to the colourful CENTRE LANE street scene, adding character on an epic scale within the basement bar.


The selected artworks offer wonderful diversity: spanning from the Abstract, to the Modern Gallery.

VR Art Glass first featured in the kitchen. Delighted with the end result, homeowner Susie then looked for another area, where an artwork by Visual Resource could enhance the space. The basement bar & entertainment area provides family members a private retreat, where the addition of floor to ceiling sized photographic artwork, gives a welcome visual contrast to the sleek black surrounds of the bar.

Printed Glass VR Art Glass by Visual Resource Mural Sized Wall Art Melbourne street art photography

The home is grand in scale, calling for an equally impressive and engaging artwork for the entertaining area.


Finish: VR Art Glass.

View more photographic artworks like ‘Centre Lane’ by Michael Collins in the Melbourne Collection 2.

All works available exclusively from Visual Resource.


VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 3

Where it all began: FIRE & ICE VR Art Glass in the upstairs kitchen.

VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback by Visual Resource.