All I want for Christmas is a brand new kitchen

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Did your kitchen cope with the Christmas day feast this year?

If you are anything like me, coordinating the roast turkey, vegetables, gravy and assorted trimmings to be ready to serve at the one time… is more than a little challenging.

And while it is true, a new kitchen will not make you cook like Jamie Oliver or look like Nigella while doing it; having a well designed, high functioning kitchen on your side is super helpful and makes days like Christmas a smoother, more enjoyable ride. (Not to mention… it’s just great to have a good kitchen, all year round!)

So if you are contemplating the notion of a new kitchen in the New Year, we have an idea for you that will make yours unlike any other.

‘How?’ you ask.

Instead of playing it safe or being ‘beige’ with your splashback choice, by using a plain colour glass option or tiles for example. Instead, you could be a little more adventurous, introducing some colour and letting your personality shine through. Our idea is to encourage you to put your mark on the all-important heart of the home, with something creative.

And now… take a peek at just a few of the incredible kitchens we have had the pleasure to assist with this year. Fine examples of people putting their unique ‘mark’ on the home they live in.


The Glen Iris home has character, charm, a cohesive blend of old and new, and a VR Art Glass splashback featuring ‘Poppies’ artwork


The Melbourne Skyline images captured by photographer Michael Collins are always popular, because they are stunning! Equally glorious in colour or in timeless black & white, VR customise this element to best compliment your kitchen.


A home where colour was embraced and the ‘Seasons Autumn’ photographic artwork became the inspiration when selecting other finishes for the kitchen. The result is vibrant & delightful. View more incredible landscape images in the Classic Gallery.



Great design can be transformative. Here a classic white ‘blank canvas’ kitchen was given an injection of bold colour and movement, with the beautifully designed abstract photographic artwork COLOUR SPLASH # 1. Original artwork, available exclusively from Visual Resource.


And for more inspiration and ideas for your home, please view the VR Facebook page.



Hamptons inspired design plus incredible photo art splashback

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What do you get when you combine classic Hamptons inspired design and incredible photography on the splashback?

You get this wonderful kitchen, designed by Georgina Rowe.


The kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist, thanks to the addition of the feature VR Art Glass splashback.


About the kitchen

The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style. Elegant & refined best describes the feel of the inviting and well-appointed kitchen.

The sophisticated colour palette and use of natural materials is complimented by the Art Glass splashback. Georgina was feeling completely uninspired by tiles (for the splashback choice), so she opted for a custom image splashback, which provides a delicate feature in perfect balance with the surrounds.

VR Art Glass, a custom feature

With Georgina providing creative direction, some changes were made to the original image captured by photographer Michael Collins.


Georgina selected HIGH COUNTRY #15 for her kitchen splashback. After some customisation, (seen at bottom) the image is refined & elegant just like the rest of the kitchen. The artwork provides a perfect match!


When looking at the top image, you can see the original. Then underneath it, you can see the customised version.

The changes:

  1. The intensity of the colour was subdued.
  2. The fallen branch in the stream was removed.


About the designer

To experience more of Georgina’s appealing style and learn more about her work and the services available, visit interiors of woodend online, or visit the store: 4A Collier St. Woodend 3442


What’s your style?

The beauty of working with a creative finish like VR Art Glass, it can be shaped and molded to compliment any style.

Be it an eye-catching wow factor to set off your predominantly white kitchen, or a more subtle integration with the surrounds – VR Art Glass offers complete versatility.

Depending on the artwork you select, VR Art Glass can deliver the level of impact you desire, ranging from high visual impact, right through to elegant and understated.


Is image quality important? Can I just grab an image off the web for example?

In theory, yes you can source an image off the web. On your phone or your computer screen, it will look lovely. How good it looks once it is enlarged to the size of your splashback… well that depends entirely on how large the file size is.

In short – the quality of the imagery will make an enormous difference to how good (or bad) your splashback looks.

A few visuals at this point will be helpful. The first shows the original image Georgina selected, prior to any customisation. You can see the full image inset. (It is the smaller image.) Then, the rest of what you can see is a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size.



Example 1. Image captured by photographer Michael Collins. A quality image able to enlarge to big sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail & clarity.


The details in the image above are crisp and clear. Notice the log in the water, the shape of the leaves, even the blades of grass! The image has clarity and looks great. Why? Because the image has been taken by a photographer, using professional camera gear. It is a quality image that will enlarge to extreme sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail and clarity.


Next: a second example from the other end of the spectrum.



Example 2 shows the poor reproduction quality that occurs when the file being used is not large enough for the task. Image clarity is lost, when enlarged.

By contrast, the second image shows the sort of disappointing result that occurs when the image file is simply not up to the task. If the file size is small, it is going to struggle when your splashback enlargement is 2m plus in size. It just won’t cut it!

The image above shows the full image inset (this is the smaller visual you can see.) Then, a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size. The poor image quality you see is the result of pixilation. The image clarity is lost.

We share this imaging insight with you, to help prevent disappointment. If the image quality of the second example looks OK, then go for it. (Seek away, images off the Internet.) However, if you would like a much better end result for your kitchen, the image quality a photographer can offer you will make a huge difference.


Tell me more about the Hamptons design style: where does it originate from, and what is it like?

Originally, the Hamptons style took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York. And today, the Hamptons style often evokes a sense of costal, casual living, which is elegant and refined.

The Hamptons style kitchen is set apart by the use of natural materials, a sophisticated palette, classic shapes, along with an abundance of natural light.



The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style.


Georgina’s kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist. It is the first time we have installed VR Art Glass in this style of kitchen and we are so delighted with the result. The artwork choice Georgina made, along with the creative changes Georgina requested, provides balance and completes the kitchen in pitch perfect harmony. The kitchen is elegant and refined, to say the least!


Moonee Ponds Apartment offers a STAR attraction

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When we first met in late 2014, Joan and I spoke about her new apartment, yet to be built. Joan was actively involved with the layout and interior design aspects, and she planned for ‘a star’ within the centrally located kitchen, as a way to give the interior a focal point and a distinct personality. The solution – VR Art Glass!

On viewing the Melbourne photographic artwork collections on the VR Gallery, it did not take Joan long to find ‘the one’. ‘Melbourne Mono # 4’ captured by photographer Michael Collins celebrates the architectural diversity Melbourne offers, in a character filled soulful way.

Visual Resource creates incredible photographic artworks, and then finishes them onto glass. VR Art Glass gives an eye catching and long lasting splashback option.

And what does Joan think of her new kitchen, complete with VR Art Glass?

I love it.

It just looks so good!

I said I wanted it to be the STAR in my apartment and it certainly is that!!!

Thank you Joan, for trusting VR to deliver the all-important ‘star’ within your brand new apartment.

We think it looks amazing!




VR first spoke to Joan in late 2014. Then, some 20 months later, the result of our conversations and plans for her kitchen splashback are complete. The result? A STAR is born.



VR ArtGlass Printed glass splashback by Visual Resource VERSAILLES

Memories of Versailles Gardens: makes for a creative splashback

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The bench to ceiling format of the VR Art Glass splashback creates a striking focal point for the kitchen and dining area.


The warmth of the timber flooring and dining table reflect colour from the tree lined avenue photograph: just one of the elements making the choice of image for the splashback fit so perfectly within the home.


Of even greater fit and cohesion however, is the fact that the image has great significance to homeowner Poppy. As a photograph she captured, there are many things loved about the image. Poppy could visualise this photograph within the planned renovation.


There was however a technical obstacle to be overcome…

The size of the kitchen splashback is an impressive 2m wide x 1.6m high.

When Poppy first brought her image file in for Michael to look at, the realization was, the size of the file was not going to be large enough to provide a quality print. The file was just too small for the task.

But on further reflection… knowing how integral the image was to the renovation and how important it was to Poppy, Toni and Michael came up with an idea to ‘tweak’ the file, so that a print for the sizable splashback area could be done, while still looking visually fantastic.


Many photographic enhancements were made to Poppy’s original image, including:

  • Removal of people in the central lawn area
  • Removal of people in the side lane area
  • Removal of sign in the side lane area
  • Removal of a bird’s wing along the top of the photo
  • Improved clarity and saturation of colour
  • Crop image to suit the splashback format
  • Along with one more very significant creative treatment change, to enable a quality reproduction of the image at the large splashback size.


Using creative photographic skills, VR were able to make many enhancements, in order for a quality splashback to be possible.

VR Art Glass Trees in the garden of Versailles before and after enhancements

The original image, taken by Poppy is seen on the left. The final image complete with enhancements is seen on the right.


Without making the improvements to the supplied photograph, the end result would be have been disappointing for Poppy. Instead – this is what Poppy had to say about the experience and the new splash back:

We were very impressed with both Toni and Michael from Visual Resource. We wanted to use our own artwork for a splashback (which was not at an appropriate resolution for the size of the splashback that we wanted). However, Michael waved his magic over our artwork, removed all the blemishes and enhanced the image to produce a truly beautiful picture of the required size.  Everyone’s first word when they see our splashback is “WOW!”

Apart from being skilled and creative, Toni and Michael were always a pleasure to work with.  We would highly recommend Visual Resource to anyone wanting a great visual splashback from people who are hands-on and work calmly to get the best outcome.


Further details about the kitchen renovation:

  • Sam Robinson Interior Design designed the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Victoria Kitchen Company built the kitchen.
  • Finishes Include:
    • Benchtops: WK Quantum Quartz -Pearly Shores
    • Cabinetry: Polytex – Stone Grey Sheen
    • Splashback: VR Art Glass featuring the owners own photo.
    • Schweigen Ceiling Mounted Rangehood
    • Flooring: Karndean, Van Gogh Mid Wood – Lancewood


VR ArtGlass Printed glass splashback by Visual Resource Trees in the garden of VERSAILLES

VR Art Glass splashback features ‘Trees in the garden of Versailles’, a photograph captured by homeowner Poppy.


VR Art Glass printed splashback by Visual Resource photograph of Melbourne street art by Michael Collins

One Home – Two Impressive VR Art Glass Features

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Within the one home are two very different art features. From the abstract grace of FIRE & ICE in the light filled kitchen upstairs, to the colourful CENTRE LANE street scene, adding character on an epic scale within the basement bar.


The selected artworks offer wonderful diversity: spanning from the Abstract, to the Modern Gallery.

VR Art Glass first featured in the kitchen. Delighted with the end result, homeowner Susie then looked for another area, where an artwork by Visual Resource could enhance the space. The basement bar & entertainment area provides family members a private retreat, where the addition of floor to ceiling sized photographic artwork, gives a welcome visual contrast to the sleek black surrounds of the bar.

Printed Glass VR Art Glass by Visual Resource Mural Sized Wall Art Melbourne street art photography

The home is grand in scale, calling for an equally impressive and engaging artwork for the entertaining area.


Finish: VR Art Glass.

View more photographic artworks like ‘Centre Lane’ by Michael Collins in the Melbourne Collection 2.

All works available exclusively from Visual Resource.


VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 3

Where it all began: FIRE & ICE VR Art Glass in the upstairs kitchen.

VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback by Visual Resource.



Original Artwork by CHEN ZHONG Girl 1

Art Filled Bathrooms : Bold and Beautiful

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When art dealer and 204 Art Space gallery director June Zhu selected the art for her new bathrooms, two pieces by artist and friend Chen Zhong were standout, easy choices.


About the process

The large original artworks by Chen Zhong were provided to Visual Resource on paper, each around 1.5 x 1.3m in size. Of course, paper in a bathroom ‘wet area’ would not survive – paper just does not love water, unlike VR Art Glass.

Michael from Visual Resource digitised each artwork, so the art could be prepared and printed onto glass.


Reproduction of any artwork requires careful colour management, both in the capture (digitising) and in the printing, especially when glass is involved. Being a photographer, Michael used his imaging skills to convert the art on paper to a digital format, and then during the print stage, he ensured the colour (on glass) remained true to the original.

Another important point when using an artist’s work: the homeowner June Zhu had permission from the artist to reproduce his work within her art filled home.

VR Art Glass printed glass by VISUAL RESOURCE Original Art by CHEN ZHONG Batman behind bath 2

VR Art Glass featuring original art by Chen Zhong. Unlike paper, VR Art Glass is perfect for ‘wet areas’.



VR Art Glass printed glass by VISUAL RESOURCE Original Art by CHEN ZHONG Girl in Ensuite 3

The finished VR Art Glass piece delivers a striking focal point in the bathroom. Original art by Chen Zhong.


About the art

From the back streets of Shanghai to the exuberance of contemporary Australian culture, Chen examines, explores, questions and celebrates the transcultural identity of being an Australian artist with a proud Chinese heritage.

Beginning with small sketches and paintings, Chen draws inspiration from everyday life, contemporary subjects and traditional Chinese ladies to blend the ancient themes of Chinese culture with a dynamic and ever-changing new world.

His practice of the ancient craft of Chinese ink brush painting is juxtaposed against fresh pops of pinks, blues and yellows. Counterbalancing traditional Chinese images and art form with sophisticated, modern technique is a cornerstone of Chen’s work.


VR Art Glass by VISUAL RESOURCE Original Art by CHEN ZHONG full original FORMAT 4

Original artworks by Chen Zhong. His practice of the ancient craft of Chinese ink brush painting is juxtaposed against fresh pops of pinks, blues and yellows.


About the artist

Chen Zhong was born in 1970 in Zhongshan, China and arrived in Australia at the age of 19 in 1989. Today he lives and works in Melbourne.

Chen’s exhibiting history has taken his artwork throughout Australia, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.


About 204 Art Space

June’s gallery 204 Art Space, specialises in contemporary art. Presenting the work of artist Chen Zhong, along with many renowned and emerging artists. Located in Kensington, Melbourne, the gallery is over 800m2 of exhibiting space, offering a unique experience for visitors. For more about 204 Art Space, past and future exhibitions, please click through to the website.

Artist Picture of CHEN ZHONG in front of his art

The artist Chen Zhong. Counterbalancing traditional Chinese images and art form with sophisticated, modern technique.


About the bathrooms

The bathrooms were designed, project managed and completed by Philip Theo of TSG Tiling Services and Mitcham Tile Centre. To see more great work completed by Philip, please visit the Mitcham Tile Centre website.


VR Art Glass printed glass by VISUAL RESOURCE Original Art by CHEN ZHONG girl close up 5

VR Art Glass featuring original art by Chen Zhong.

VR ART GLASS printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE photo art by Michael Collins 1

FIRE & ICE: the inspiration for a magnificent kitchen

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Prior to finding Fire & Ice, Susie & Glen were at a loss to know what to do with their kitchen design.


During an unlikely visit to the Home Show, they found the inspiration they had been searching for and Fire & Ice became the genesis for the entire kitchen design.

After discovering VR Art Glass and the dynamic Fire & Ice artwork: from that moment on the kitchen design took shape. Selections for bench tops, tap ware, even the positioning of power outlets: all decisions were made to ensure the artwork had centre stage and could shine.

Why was the artwork Fire & Ice so significant for the kitchen?

“The artwork of Fire & Ice has all my favourite colours. It’s just beautiful. I love it.”  Susie said.


After an extensive design and build process, the family who enjoys this stunning home was able to move in just in time for Christmas 2015.  Shortly after the installation, Susie wrote to Toni & Michael to say,

“Your splash back was the inspiration for our entire kitchen!!

You have been so wonderful to work with – I could not recommend you more highly.”

VR Art Glass printed glass kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 2

VR Art Glass splashback featuring FIRE & ICE # 1 – created by photographer Michael Collins

VR Art Glass printed glass splashback kitchen featuring FIRE & ICE by Michael Collins for Visual Resource 4

VR artwork FIRE & ICE # 1 became the genesis for the entire kitchen design. All VR artworks are available exclusively from Visual Resource.

VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 3

Selections for bench tops, tap ware, even the positioning of power outlets: all decisions were made to ensure the VR Art Glass splashback had centre stage.



Visual Resource Earthquake Damage Wainoni Christchurch NZ

NZ earthquake creates havoc: Natures Shape helps to restore balance

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While the devastation of an earthquake happens in an instant, the impact on people and their homes takes years to rectify. Sharon & Gary living in Christchurch, New Zealand are two such people.

After contacting Visual Resource in late 2014, interested in an original artwork for their kitchen splashback, we discovered Sharon & Gary’s home was being rebuilt following the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. The foundations of their home had broken and sunk causing twisting and warping of the entire house. Damaged beyond repair, insurance would cover the very basics of a rebuild, but not ‘nice to have’ items like VR Art Glass.

After considering the trauma of loosing a home to an earthquake, along with the hardship of rebuilding, Michael wrote to Sharon in Oct 2014 to offer:

Dear Sharon,

Toni and I were both touched by your circumstances and would be delighted to provide that ‘wow’ factor for your kitchen.  So if it helps we are happy to offer this artwork to you at… no charge!


Four and a half years after the earthquake disaster and living elsewhere, the rebuild is now (finally) complete; the couple is back in their home with this to say…


February 2016

Hi Michael,

Our new splashback is now installed and looks awesome.

Thank you so much to Toni and yourself for your generosity in allowing us the use of this fabulous artwork. Anyone that has visited us has said how amazing it looks.

Thank you both once again.

Sharon & Gary

Wainoni, Christchurch NZ

Visual Resource NZ Original Home DEMOLITION

Pictured during the demolition stage, the original home was damaged beyond repair during the 2010 / 2011 NZ earthquakes.


VR ArtGlass printed glass splashback NATURES SHAPE 4 by photographer Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

Kitchen splashback featuring VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’

VR Artwork NATURES SHAPE 4 printed glass kitchen splashback by Michael Collins Photographer

VR Artworks are created by photographer Michael Collins, available exclusively from Visual Resource.



Visual Resource NZ Earthquake HOME after rebuid

Home again! “We are so very happy to be back in our new house after living four and a half years elsewhere.” Sharon


Gary & Sharon, for selecting the beautiful VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’  for your new kitchen, we say thank you.  May it bring you years of calm and enjoyment.

Toni & Michael Collins



Kylies custom cakes SANTA award winning celebration cakes

A kitchen design to inspire: creative cakes to amaze

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More than the pulsing heart of a family home, this impressive kitchen is also the creative hub for ‘Kylie’s Custom Cakes’, a business managed by Kylie Rischitelli.

While the business is officially quite young, the apprenticeship has been extensive. Kylie has been the family cake maker for over 20 years. Now a prize winning cake maker, Kylie has turned her passion into a career.

Prior to the recent renovation, the old kitchen wore a 1980’s colour palette. Picture floor tiles in tones of pink, grey and white, combined with solid timber cupboard doors and beige coloured benches and splashback. I was a teen in the 80’s, so I know how long ago that era was. The kitchen had done its work! A renovation was not only for the family; it was also needed to meet Council requirements for Kylie to register her business.


VR ArtGlass printed glass kitchen splashback artwork by Visual Resource Melbourne CHARCOAL 1

The spacious kitchen is vast in size – with as much again to the left (not pictured here).


The Design

The design process for the renovation involved considering Kylie’s needs from the kitchen, along with a selection of finishes to transform the space from the darker, heavier, solid timber feel it had been. With husband Leo a professional cabinetmaker and shop fitter, along with Kylie’s clear vision on what was needed, the kitchen design evolved collaboratively. Leo completed the design drawings, taking care of all the finer details, along with the build.


The End Result

  • The ‘Turino’ stone bench tops shine: creating a bright, open and inviting space.
  • The ‘Charred Makassar’ cabinetry finish with organic, natural timber grain reflects an individual style, well suited to the creative spirit the home emanates.
  •  ‘Charcoal # 1’ artwork featured on the VR Art Glass splashback was selected for its earthy colours and design, complimenting the kitchen beautifully.
  •  And with 56 drawers and 10 cupboards the kitchen has everything Kylie, Leo and the entire family could have hoped for.


The spacious, light filled and superbly appointed kitchen now enables Kylie’s creative business to flourish. Of course, Kylie will make all sorts of cakes to suit the needs of your occasion: cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits to name a few. Pictured here are some of her 3D and novelty cakes, which are just amazing.


To see more of the stunning cake designs Kylie conjures up after listening to what her clients have in mind, please visit: www.kyliescustomcakes.com.au


Kitchen Finishes

Finishes within the kitchen include:

  • Bench tops – Quantum Quartz Stone, (colour) Turino
  • Timber cabinetry doors – Charred Makassar
  • White cabinetry doors & drawers – StyleLite high gloss acrylic
  • Splashback – VR Art Glass featuring ‘Charcoal # 1’ artwork from the Seasons Collection
VR Art Glass Printed Glass Splashback photo art by Michael Collins CHARCOAL 1

VR Art Glass kitchen splashback featuring ‘Charcoal # 1’ from the Seasons Collection.



Kylies custom cakes POPPIES award winning celebration cakes

All cakes pictured (here & above), won first place in their categories at the Dandenong Show. ‘Poppies’ also won first place at the Melbourne Show for the Celebration Cake category.


Kylies custom cakes - ingredients and cupcake tins storage

One Council requirement for a home based cooking business is to have your ingredients stored separately. This requirement is well achieved by the sizeable cake & decorating pantry.

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Splashback by Visual Resource photo art by Michael Collins front on

Six things we love about an al fresco kitchen

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With summer on the way, and with a wonderful outdoor kitchen and dining area such as this: the temptation would be to eat al fresco every night of the week!


When planning the project, homeowners were seeking a point of difference and a talking point for the outdoor kitchen… with the talking point being for the right reasons. No responses of ‘hmmmm that’s interesting…’ followed by an awkward silence were wanted!

There is little chance of awkward silence while people enjoy this delightful space. There are so many things for them to talk about.  Here are just six things we love about this al fresco kitchen…to get the conversation started.



When the homeowners first spoke to Michael and I about the outdoor kitchen they said the inspiration was to create a deli type feel… and for the space to evoke feelings about food. ‘Cremona #2’ from the Italy Collection was the artwork selection homeowners made, and it’s such a perfect fit for the inspiration and creative brief. Not only do the tones of the feature splashback compliment the surrounding finishes beautifully, the visual shows an outdoor café, set and poised for the evening trade ahead. Are you thinking about what sort of tasty Italian food the café may serve?



The outdoor cooking area is located right next to the indoor living and kitchen area – making it so easy to expand the indoor and outdoor living spaces into one large zone. Imagine the convenience when entertaining!


VR Art Glass Printed Glass Splashback by Visual Resource view into home

The VR Art Glass splashback features ‘Cremona # 2’ artwork from the Italy Collection.



While you cannot see it… there is a roller door and when closed the entire outdoor kitchen is neatly hidden away. Not to mention protected from the elements too! The clever design enables a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, as well appointed and functional as any interior kitchen: all cocooned within a protective and streamlined shell.



The traditional stainless steel oven and cooktop appliances from inside – are replicated with the outdoor barbecue and gas wok burner. Even the pizza oven boasts a stainless steel finish.



The outdoor area is large! The size of the VR Art Glass splashback is over 4.5m wide x 0.8m high. The generous scale of the space allows family and guests to relax while spreading out around a good-sized dining table. (While not pictured here, the space is home to a sizable dining table.)



The Vergola (an opening louvre roof system) provides protection from the elements (sun and rain), along with privacy.


What do the homeowners have to say about the end result and what it was like to work with Toni & Michael (from Visual Resource) for their important home enhancement project?

“It looks fantastic! Dealing with you has been the best experience of our renovation adventure.” Dean

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Splashback by Visual Resource CREMONA 2 Photo art by Michael Collins side angle

Captured by Michael Collins – the photo art featured on the outdoor kitchen splashback was taken in Cremona Italy. While visiting Cremona we coined it the ‘City of Bikes’, as they were everywhere!


VR Art Glass Printed Glass ensuite COLOUR SPLASH 7 wide

Artworks from VR add colour & character into two freshly renovated bathrooms

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One home: two magnificent new bathrooms.

Good design just works. And sometimes… design is so good – the end result is more delightful than you could have imagined or hoped for. The crisply renovated bathroom & ensuite within a Vermont South home deliver just that. In addition to the perfect bones of ‘good design’: the spaces are impressive, a triumph.

Complete with tiles and fittings in black, chrome and white, both wet areas offer a simple monochromatic ‘canvas’. The white tiled walls for example, demonstrate a delicate restraint. The splash of colour from VR Art Glass compliments the restraint – adding the perfect balance of zest and personality.


VR Art Glass Printed Glass ensuite COLOUR SPLASH 7 close up

The niches echo the larger feature – providing a subtle motif and connection to the main artwork.


The overall impression:

More than a monochromatic beauty, the bathrooms wear colour and character with eloquent cohesion.


What does the designer/builder of the bathrooms have to say?

The ensuite is the best I have ever done. I love it. While I was initially worried about the brightness of the artworks… now they are in – I love them, as they set off the bathroom and ensuite, which are otherwise quite neutral in colour.

John Verrion – designer and builder of Renobuild Bathrooms & Tiling


VR ArtGlass Printed Glass for bathrooms PAINTERLY 14 wide

Bathroom featuring VR Art Glass – NEW PAINTERLY # 14.


The homeowner had a clear vision and decisive approach when she selected two artworks from VR Collections: ‘Colour Splash # 7 for the ensuite and ‘New Painterly # 14’ for the bathroom. The artwork designs have a dynamic energy accentuated by the stunning colours.


As a result of her brave artwork selections, the homeowner is now enjoying her two new bathrooms that offer personality in spades.


VR ART GLASS Printed Glass by Visual Resource ensuite bath COLOUR SPLASH 7

Ensuite featuring VR Art Glass – COLOUR SPLASH # 7. Overall impression: the bathrooms wear colour & character with eloquent cohesion.


About the fittings

  • The bath is from the Polilife Mercury Series
  • Towel rail is Kado Quad
  • Feature artwork on the wall & niches – VR Art Glass from Visual Resource


VR Art Glass Printed Glass for Bathrooms by Visual Resource art PAINTERLY 14 upright

Bathroom featuring VR Art Glass – NEW PAINTERLY # 14. Towel rail is Kado Quad.

VR Art Glass Printed Glass for Bathrooms niche above the bath PAINTERLY 14

The niches echo the larger feature – providing a subtle motif and connection to the main artwork.


VR Art Glass Printed Glass by Visual Resource for Bathrooms PAINTERLY 14 Cameo Shot

Bathroom featuring VR Art Glass – NEW PAINTERLY # 14. The artwork designs have a dynamic energy accentuated by the stunning colours.



VR Art Glass Printed Glass by Visual Resource ensuite niche in Shower COLOUR SPLASH 7

Design and build by John Verrion of Renobuild Bathrooms & Tiling.

Bathroom design with wall sized VR Art Glass printed glass feature by Visual Resource

“Honey – It’s Cold Outside”

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The lure of a warm shower during the depths of winter is hard to beat.

And why not linger longer under the warm spray when you have a treat for the eyes to feast upon as well?

The Port Melbourne apartment enjoys a bathroom boasting a wall sized VR Art Glass feature. Not a tile or grout line in sight! Instead, the sleek and seamless finish of VR Art Glass.

The bathroom design by Sam Robinson was always destined to be fresh and stylishly appointed. The decision to incorporate a wall sized VR Art Glass piece spanning from shower to vanity delivers a statement, as well as a stamp of individuality for homeowners.

The couple selected an image of Brooklyn Bridge for its personal relevance, along with its dramatic architectural stature. The result: the bathroom is beautifully designed, visually engaging and is one of a kind!

Kitchen renovation - printed splashback - photographic art by Michael Collins NATURES SHAPE 17

Crisp white kitchen renovation = elegance personified

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The owner of this sharply renovated Sydney residence had a clear vision for her kitchen…

“The artwork from Visual Resource compliments and reflects the garden that surrounds.
I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.”


The kitchen of the Sydney north shore home confidently greets with effortless sophistication.

The finishes: each element carefully selected and few of them, demonstrating minimalist restraint.

The result: the homeowner adores her kitchen, ‘I would not change a thing’, Carol said.

Printed kitchen splashback - VR Art Glass - photographic art NATURES SHAPE 17 by Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

VR Artwork ‘Natures Shape # 17’, within the Abstract Gallery. The splashback features within the sharply renovated Sydney north shore residence.


A kitchen teeming with natural light, adorned by the lush, vivid green garden – it is simply a triumph.

Enough about what we think… the homeowner shared her kitchen joy with VR when she recently wrote:

Hi Toni,

We are very happy with the image that we chose for the splashback and we have had so many compliments.

I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.

You have been a pleasure to work with and we have recommended your company to so many people. When we renovate our next house we would love to work with you again.

Kind regards,



VR Art Glass Printed Glass Melbourne Graffiti Street Art

VR Art Glass delivers above & beyond… wall art on a grand scale

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VR Art Glass: custom photo artwork printed on glass – commands attention while taking centre stage within a modern Rosebud home.

Often described as providing a feature within a kitchen, this home takes the potential of VR Art Glass to new heights.  The vast bulkhead delivered the perfect blank canvas to add an engaging, visually stunning piece of art.

The VR photo artwork Centre Lane gives the feeling of a slightly gritty yet vibrant Melbourne.  The movement of the city together with the invitation to sample our café culture – all evocatively on display in the grand kitchen setting of this home.

The original photo artwork created by Michael Collins for Visual Resource was filled with colour.  The homeowner had a particular vision for her artwork, so working collaboratively with VR the artwork was converted to black & white, and then some gentle pops of colour were reintroduced.  With a keen eye for balance, our client guided the creative direction of this piece sensitively and with great success.

VR ArtGlass Printed Glass Melbourne Streetscapes by Photographer Michael Collins

Taking the potential of VR Art Glass to a whole new level. Wall Art within the kitchen – so much more than just a splashback.

VRArtGlass Wall Art Melbourne Centre Lane photo artwork by Michael Collins

‘Centre Lane’ photographic artwork by Michael Collins – customised to meet the creative brief of the homeowner.


Of greatest importance – what does the homeowner think of the end result?

She wrote, “I am gobsmacked! Thanks for working with us to achieve this wonderful result.”

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Melbourne Installation Street Art Photography

To put into perspective the scale of this art piece… panels are as tall as the installers.