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Why opt for an original artwork splashback?

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You don’t want your home to be just like everyone else’s, and you know individuality lies in the detail. That’s why you’re after a bespoke splashback, because focal points such as this set a home apart and give it a sense of your style and personality.

These days a splashback can be a veritable work of art right in the very heart of your home. This is particularly true if you consider using original photographic artwork as the source of your splashback creative.

Discerning home owners come to Visual Resource because they appreciate that we are first and foremost providers of the highest quality, most stunning bespoke photographic artwork produced by professional photographer Michael Collins. Over the years we have become incredibly skilled in printing these images onto the most spectacular mediums; splashbacks having become one of the most popular choices of ‘canvas’.


Imagine your next dinner party. Guests come over early in the evening and drinks are poured, nibbles are enjoyed, and conversation flows whilst a meal is prepared. For many of us, it is the kitchen that is the soul of a home and it’s here much of the socialising is done until meals are served.

And it’s moments like this when your original artwork splashback really comes into its own.

Such a splashback is an incredible backdrop – it can deliver the interior anchor for the entire space and be a regular talking point. It can be that coveted feature everyone else envies yet is unlikely to ever have, given its carefully managed limited release.


If you are considering original artwork for your splashback, then it is imperative you research beforehand so that you are assured a bespoke piece. It would be heartbreaking to invest in a supposed original, only to later discover that ‘your’ image is in fact available en-masse, and has been used generically by companies on brochures or merchandise, therefore compromising the integrity of your interior. Removing a splashback is not as easy – nor as cost effective – as simply taking down a framed photograph from a wall…

Dubova WHITE FLOWERS image for a ktichen splashback

The splashback impression is for example only and based on ‘WHITE FLOWERS’, an image created by Dubova – available from Shutterstock. ‘White Flowers’ is not an original artwork created by VR, or offered within VR Collections.

Tshirt mug - could your splashback art end up here

It would be heartbreaking to invest in a supposed original, only to discover that ‘your’ image is in fact available en-masse, used generically by companies on brochures or merchandise. Imagine seeing your splashback image on a T-shirt!



We know this is more than just a splashback – this is a feature in the home you are so carefully creating.

We understand that it is the calibre of the artwork that is of upmost and enduring importance; the glazing and print solution must adhere to this high standard. Approaching this process the other way around – selecting a generic image after the glazing and printing solution – can lead to long-lasting disappointment if not managed by knowledgeable professionals.

Our consultants have extensive experience in this and every other stage of the creative process – we help you select the ultimate artwork for your home, and we work fastidiously to ensure the finished piece is seamless, remarkable, and precisely what you always had in mind.

This is not merely a splashback – this is a work of art in your home.

VRArtGlass editorial feature in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Photograph + Glass = Splashback

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Better Homes and Gardens report on new kitchen trends within the April 2015 issue.  One of those trends – kitchen splashbacks.

There’s an increasing demand for splashbacks that stray from the more usual glass or tiles – homeowners are exploring all options.  If you are willing to express your individuality, give your kitchen personality with the latest splashbacks in the form of windows, metallic finishes, digital art on glass or mirrors as well as mod and bright-patterned tiles.  Your splashback can make a lasting impression.

Better Homes and Gardens: April 2015 Issue  

VR Art Glass by Visual Resource was amongst the featured splashback finishes.  BH&G wrote, “Set your area apart with an eye catching splashback where photographic art is fused onto toughened glass.  Choose from city skylines, landmarks, abstract designs and naturescapes.”

Pictured here – Cremona # 7 from the VR Italy Collection. 

VRArtGlass Printed Glass Splashback Italy Photographic Art

VR Art Glass Kitchen Splashback featuring artwork ‘Cremona # 7’ from the Italy Collection.