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Sequence & timing for your kitchen splashback measure

Sequence & timing for your kitchen splashback measure

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Visual Resource will complete and take full responsibility for the glass measure.
Having the site ready before doing the final check measure however, that is where we do need your help.


To assist with the planning of your project, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.


  1. Will a glazier come out to do a check measure?


  • Yes! Our glazier will visit to complete a final check measure.
  • This is the measure VR will base your glass order upon.


  1. When can the check measure happen?

In terms of the sequence, the check measure can be done:


  • After your kitchen cabinetry installation, including bench tops.


  • Yes, your bench tops need to be in.


  • The “rough in” of electrical work has been completed. (So the location and size of power point outlets are known, for example.)


  • Appliances have been installed.


  • (If relevant) Fixing points for extraction / range hood units have been located and clearly marked. (Only relevant when the glass will continue behind an extraction unit.)


  1. How important is the check measure?


For VR Art Glass® we work with low iron toughened glass (also known as safety glass), and it is an unforgiving material where there is no room for change of mind, or error.

So the rule – measure three times, cut once – has never been more relevant.


Unlike more forgiving materials, we do not get to modify the glass on site if the fit is not right. That’s why, having the kitchen in place (as listed above) prior to our glazier measuring the exact custom size and cut of your splashback – is so critical.

In relation to timing, as you can see from the above checklist…

Your splashback will be one of the last things to be installed within your new kitchen.  Many things come before it!