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All I want for Christmas is a brand new kitchen

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Did your kitchen cope with the Christmas day feast this year?

If you are anything like me, coordinating the roast turkey, vegetables, gravy and assorted trimmings to be ready to serve at the one time… is more than a little challenging.

And while it is true, a new kitchen will not make you cook like Jamie Oliver or look like Nigella while doing it; having a well designed, high functioning kitchen on your side is super helpful and makes days like Christmas a smoother, more enjoyable ride. (Not to mention… it’s just great to have a good kitchen, all year round!)

So if you are contemplating the notion of a new kitchen in the New Year, we have an idea for you that will make yours unlike any other.

‘How?’ you ask.

Instead of playing it safe or being ‘beige’ with your splashback choice, by using a plain colour glass option or tiles for example. Instead, you could be a little more adventurous, introducing some colour and letting your personality shine through. Our idea is to encourage you to put your mark on the all-important heart of the home, with something creative.

And now… take a peek at just a few of the incredible kitchens we have had the pleasure to assist with this year. Fine examples of people putting their unique ‘mark’ on the home they live in.


The Glen Iris home has character, charm, a cohesive blend of old and new, and a VR Art Glass splashback featuring ‘Poppies’ artwork


The Melbourne Skyline images captured by photographer Michael Collins are always popular, because they are stunning! Equally glorious in colour or in timeless black & white, VR customise this element to best compliment your kitchen.


A home where colour was embraced and the ‘Seasons Autumn’ photographic artwork became the inspiration when selecting other finishes for the kitchen. The result is vibrant & delightful. View more incredible landscape images in the Classic Gallery.



Great design can be transformative. Here a classic white ‘blank canvas’ kitchen was given an injection of bold colour and movement, with the beautifully designed abstract photographic artwork COLOUR SPLASH # 1. Original artwork, available exclusively from Visual Resource.


And for more inspiration and ideas for your home, please view the VR Facebook page.


VR ART GLASS printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE photo art by Michael Collins 1

FIRE & ICE: the inspiration for a magnificent kitchen

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Prior to finding Fire & Ice, Susie & Glen were at a loss to know what to do with their kitchen design.


During an unlikely visit to the Home Show, they found the inspiration they had been searching for and Fire & Ice became the genesis for the entire kitchen design.

After discovering VR Art Glass and the dynamic Fire & Ice artwork: from that moment on the kitchen design took shape. Selections for bench tops, tap ware, even the positioning of power outlets: all decisions were made to ensure the artwork had centre stage and could shine.

Why was the artwork Fire & Ice so significant for the kitchen?

“The artwork of Fire & Ice has all my favourite colours. It’s just beautiful. I love it.”  Susie said.


After an extensive design and build process, the family who enjoys this stunning home was able to move in just in time for Christmas 2015.  Shortly after the installation, Susie wrote to Toni & Michael to say,

“Your splash back was the inspiration for our entire kitchen!!

You have been so wonderful to work with – I could not recommend you more highly.”

VR Art Glass printed glass kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 2

VR Art Glass splashback featuring FIRE & ICE # 1 – created by photographer Michael Collins

VR Art Glass printed glass splashback kitchen featuring FIRE & ICE by Michael Collins for Visual Resource 4

VR artwork FIRE & ICE # 1 became the genesis for the entire kitchen design. All VR artworks are available exclusively from Visual Resource.

VR Art Glass printed kitchen splashback featuring FIRE & ICE by Visual Resource 3

Selections for bench tops, tap ware, even the positioning of power outlets: all decisions were made to ensure the VR Art Glass splashback had centre stage.



Holiday reading ANNA SPIRO Book Review

Establishing your sense of style

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Holiday reading inspiration

Before January slips away for another year… I will linger (just for a moment), to share my favourite summer holiday pastime… reading.   There is a massive contrast to my experience of reading during the year versus on holidays. While engulfed in the throws of the yearly work/life juggle, reading a novel or book is a great challenge to squeeze in. I also struggle to conquer more than a few pages before I start to nod off! (Regardless of the time of day.) So every summer… with leisure time in spades, reading is like discovering a newfound joyful hobby, again, and again!

This year my holiday reading included the page-turner ‘Reckoning’ a memoir by Magda Szubanski, along with a book by Anna Spiro ‘Absolutely Beautiful Things : a bright and colourful life’ (pictured above).  Both wonderful.  The interiors book by Spiro bursts with vibrant, energising colour, along with eclectic, layered styling. (No chance of nodding off with it in my grasp.)

I found Spiro’s love for and use of colour playful and rambunctious. Best of all Spiro offers her reader insight into how she found her own unique style, along with encouragement to experiment, in order to find your own sense of style. That’s generous!

The style presented in the beautiful photographs of the book is not akin to my own. And I think that is one of the key points Spiro is making. Rather than trying to emulate a particular style, explore and trust your instincts, so that you may find your own style – one you love. The book invites you to be brave, “go for it,” “mix and match”, “Give it a try,” all come to mind as I read.

So why not put your favorite colours on display in your home? Who cares if your neighbors’ favorite shade is Antique White U.S.A., with a choice of cushion toned Whisper White (for a radical contrast)?

Why not let your home shine with items and colours that provide a small reflection of the complex character which is you!!!

VR Book Review Anna Spiro Absolutely Beautiful Things Style Inspirations

I loved the generosity of Interior Designer Anna Spiro, as she encourages her reader to develop a unique sense of style.



Kitchen renovation - printed splashback - photographic art by Michael Collins NATURES SHAPE 17

Crisp white kitchen renovation = elegance personified

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The owner of this sharply renovated Sydney residence had a clear vision for her kitchen…

“The artwork from Visual Resource compliments and reflects the garden that surrounds.
I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.”


The kitchen of the Sydney north shore home confidently greets with effortless sophistication.

The finishes: each element carefully selected and few of them, demonstrating minimalist restraint.

The result: the homeowner adores her kitchen, ‘I would not change a thing’, Carol said.

Printed kitchen splashback - VR Art Glass - photographic art NATURES SHAPE 17 by Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

VR Artwork ‘Natures Shape # 17’, within the Abstract Gallery. The splashback features within the sharply renovated Sydney north shore residence.


A kitchen teeming with natural light, adorned by the lush, vivid green garden – it is simply a triumph.

Enough about what we think… the homeowner shared her kitchen joy with VR when she recently wrote:

Hi Toni,

We are very happy with the image that we chose for the splashback and we have had so many compliments.

I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.

You have been a pleasure to work with and we have recommended your company to so many people. When we renovate our next house we would love to work with you again.

Kind regards,



VR Artwork - Patterns Neutral # 17 - Photo Art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

WALL ART – Be Inspired

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Do you have blank walls in need of some attention?

Look about… are there any bare walls around you? Maybe today’s the day – that wall has been blank for far too long.

The addition of art in your space is a chance to play and ‘accessorise’.   Accessories bring the finishing touches to a room; they make a space liveable, fun and provide the key to individuality.

Here are a few thought starters to help unleash your inner art buyer…



Forget ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’ art. These judgments and criteria are not only completely subjective; thoughts along those lines will stifle and be unhelpful. Here is an alternative…

Your taste in art is entirely personal. Choose something you love!

Art bought with your heart will never disappoint.



Go bold and create a focal point.

  •  Your new artwork does not need to match the paint colour or furniture in your room.
  • If you have mostly neutral furnishings this provides a ‘blank canvas’ if you like… where you can be guided by the artwork that moves you, regardless of its style, shape or colour palette.
  • You may like to make a splash with an abstract photo art (for example): rich in colour along with a sense of movement in the design – adding interest and excitement.
  • Then… you can draw inspiration from the artwork, for items like cushions or vases to reflect some colours from your art. These ‘accents’ will serve to tie the room together.
  • Repeating colours within the artwork (accents), increases the artworks impact in the room.
Wall Art by Visual Resource - PAINTERLY No 12

Art = accessorising = the key to individuality. Abstract photo artwork – Painterly # 12. Creative & bold – the perfect focal point.


Or, choose subtle tones to complement your existing décor.

  • An alternative approach when selecting an artwork is to select a piece that blends with your interior – combining colours, shapes, forms and styles that are completely in unison with your interior. This gives harmony where the artwork is a team player, rather than the star.
  • Imagine photo art of a cityscape or landscape for example, finished in black & white or a sepia tone.
Photographic Artwork Mono by Visual Resource - Wall Art

Photo artwork ‘Landscape Mono 03’. The artwork blends with the tones and compliments the natural texture of the interior finishes.



The scale of the artwork in relation to the area it will be placed is worthy of some thought. Respected interior designer and stylist Shannon Fricke in her book ‘How to decorate’ counsels:

“An oversized canvas hung on a small wall does not make for a harmonious space, and nor does a tiny canvas on a large wall. When the scale is wrong, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the artwork is, the result won’t feel right.”        


Tips to help with the consideration of artwork size include:

  • A small piece of art may not work above a large piece of furniture. Use a bigger artwork!
  • The goal is to create balance.
  • If you have a huge wall running the length of your living area, avoid one small artwork. (It may give the impression of a postage stamp on your wall.)


The home pictured next is a prime example of a grand scale space, begging for a grand scale artwork.

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Wall Feature Melbourne Skyline Photo Art

VR Art Glass printed glass mural wall – ‘Melbourne Skyline # 7’ – Photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource.


TIP: a practical way to visualise and decide the right artwork size.

  • Make a template from paper to see how the size looks, within the space.
  • Cut out (brown) paper to the size you are thinking for the artwork. Stick this to the wall with masking tape.
  • Add more (brown) paper to increase the size (if needed), or cut away brown paper to reduce the size (if needed.)
  • Keep experimenting until you feel sure the size (of brown paper representing your artwork size) will suit the space.
  • It’s all about scale!
  • Measure the size of the (brown paper) template. Let VR know the size and VR can prepare a quote for you.


How can Visual Resource help?

All VR artworks are prepared to your custom requirements, including the finish and size. We will ask you, ‘what size would you like your finished artwork to be?’ The custom nature of VR artworks gives you great flexibility and the perfect art for your space.



  • One tip is to position your artwork so that the centre of the piece is at eye level.
  • 152cm off the floor level is an indication.



Yes it is true, an original photographic artwork from VR does cost more than a poster print from Ikea. But you are getting so much more for your money.

While it is a reality, we all have financial constraints and budgets to work within. Remember, if you find the perfect artwork – it is an investment. (Try to think long term, the price will be long forgotten while you enjoy looking at the artwork for years to come.)


Melbourne Wall Art - Photography by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

Cafe featuring various photo artworks from the Modern Gallery & Melbourne Collections. Finish: traditional black & white silver gelatin photographic prints.

Wall Art - Photography by Michael Collins for Visual Resource - Seasons Autumn No 18

VR artwork ‘Seasons Autumn # 18’, seen in the Classic Gallery


Try not to be restricted and restrained by your overall decorating scheme when choosing artwork. Instead – go for what you love. Vibrant, dynamic artwork can add interest and pop in an otherwise sedate interior scheme.

Relax and trust your instincts. If it helps… consider that the stakes are not as high as selecting a floor finish or the kitchen design. So be brave and save a blank wall today!

Photo Artwork by Visual Resource THE BOXERS Kings Cross Sydney

‘The Boxers’ photo artwork from the Kings Cross – Sydney Collection. While graphic and bold in visual content, the tones complement the decor.