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Visual Resource Earthquake Damage Wainoni Christchurch NZ

NZ earthquake creates havoc: Natures Shape helps to restore balance

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While the devastation of an earthquake happens in an instant, the impact on people and their homes takes years to rectify. Sharon & Gary living in Christchurch, New Zealand are two such people.

After contacting Visual Resource in late 2014, interested in an original artwork for their kitchen splashback, we discovered Sharon & Gary’s home was being rebuilt following the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. The foundations of their home had broken and sunk causing twisting and warping of the entire house. Damaged beyond repair, insurance would cover the very basics of a rebuild, but not ‘nice to have’ items like VR Art Glass.

After considering the trauma of loosing a home to an earthquake, along with the hardship of rebuilding, Michael wrote to Sharon in Oct 2014 to offer:

Dear Sharon,

Toni and I were both touched by your circumstances and would be delighted to provide that ‘wow’ factor for your kitchen.  So if it helps we are happy to offer this artwork to you at… no charge!


Four and a half years after the earthquake disaster and living elsewhere, the rebuild is now (finally) complete; the couple is back in their home with this to say…


February 2016

Hi Michael,

Our new splashback is now installed and looks awesome.

Thank you so much to Toni and yourself for your generosity in allowing us the use of this fabulous artwork. Anyone that has visited us has said how amazing it looks.

Thank you both once again.

Sharon & Gary

Wainoni, Christchurch NZ

Visual Resource NZ Original Home DEMOLITION

Pictured during the demolition stage, the original home was damaged beyond repair during the 2010 / 2011 NZ earthquakes.


VR ArtGlass printed glass splashback NATURES SHAPE 4 by photographer Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

Kitchen splashback featuring VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’

VR Artwork NATURES SHAPE 4 printed glass kitchen splashback by Michael Collins Photographer

VR Artworks are created by photographer Michael Collins, available exclusively from Visual Resource.



Visual Resource NZ Earthquake HOME after rebuid

Home again! “We are so very happy to be back in our new house after living four and a half years elsewhere.” Sharon


Gary & Sharon, for selecting the beautiful VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’  for your new kitchen, we say thank you.  May it bring you years of calm and enjoyment.

Toni & Michael Collins



The Drilling Workers Photography by Pang XIANGLIANG

Photography Exhibition Not To Be Missed

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Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

Michael and I love photography. (Perhaps you do too?) It’s the passion for photography that inspires us to venture down the highway, visiting the Ballarat International Foto Biennale every two years.

The range of photographic styles and collection of works presented by the BIFB is simply vast – well worth a drive and day out. For a very brief teaser of one exhibit you can see, the works shared here are by Photographer Pang Xiangliang, Daquing China, with his exhibition titled, The Post – 1980 Drilling Workers’.

We found the exhibit by Pang gritty, industrial, harsh and real. The workers in these harsh conditions are heroic, presenting human qualities of endurance and perseverance. Much to our delight, the Photographer, his Wife and Niece were at the venue and keen to speak to us about his works. He even took some photos of us!

Within the Core Program Catalogue, Wu Peng wrote of Pang’s exhibit:

In order to record the hard working environment of ‘the post-1980’ drilling workers, Pang Xiangliang has spent countless hours taking photos in the well site in cold winter. With regards to shooting, Pang Xiangliang upholds the basic principles of documentary photography and its moral bottom line, which makes the pictures truly reflect the drillers’ work and the precious moments of life.

The Drilling Workers Photography by Pang XIANGLIANG - Young Drilling Worker

Photography by Pang Xinagliang © Image, Zhou Peng, a young drilling worker from the exhibition titled, ‘The Post – 1980 Drilling Workers’


Perhaps you will be tempted to go and take a look? See what you think of the photography by Pang and many other artists exhibiting at this years Ballarat International Foto Biennale – running from 22 August through until September 20. The International Foto exhibition is well worth a drive to Ballarat for a day of visual & creative discovery.

Without giving too much away about the experience that waits, a quick tip to get you started on your path is… Stop by the BIFB office (beside the Ballarat Mining Exchange – 12 Lydiard St North), collect a Festival Program, head for a nearby café to peruse the Program. The Program will provide a quick introduction to the scope of Photographers on display throughout the many fascinating locations exhibiting works. Then, get on the move and start discovering!


About the Artist

Mr Pang was born in Ta’an, Shandong Province. He worked as an oil worker and an art teacher before he undertook study and became a member of the judiciary. He is a member of the Chinese Photographers Association, the Heilongjiang Photographers Association and is Honorary Chairman of the Daqing Oil-Light Photographers Association. He was awarded Outstanding Photographer in social life photography at the Pingyao International photo festival in 2013 and again in 2014.


To discover more about the many wonderful photographers and creative exhibits presented by the festival, check out the organisers website link:

BIFB Website

VRArtGlass printed glass splashback featuring artwork PAINTED BY LIGHT 5 by Visual Resource

Home Show Melbourne – Apr 9 to 12, 2015

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Are you building, renovating or making home improvements? 

If you are… a visit to the Melbourne HIA Home Show is an opportunity to discover stunning finishes like VR Art Glass for your kitchen, bathroom or wall art.

On display will be full sized VR Art Glass splashbacks featuring artworks from the Abstract and Modern VR Galleries.  Artworks include:  

Colour Splash # 1 – from the Colour Splash Collection  (Abstract Gallery)

Melbourne Skyline # 7 – from the Melbourne Skyline Collection  (Modern Gallery)

Painted by Light # 5 – from the Seasons Collection  (Abstract Gallery)

Another reason to visit the VR Art Glass exhibit by Visual Resource… a prize offer is available giving you the chance to win $1,500 off the price of your VR Art Glass feature. 

We hope to see you at the Home Show.   Here are a few details to help you plan your visit:

EVENT: The HIA Melbourne Home Show   

WHEN: Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 April 2015

WHERE: Melbourne Exhibition Centre

VISIT:  VR Art Glass, Stand A46 in the Kitchens & Bathrooms zone

VRArtGlass printed glass splashback MELBOURNE photo art by Michael Collins PELLEGRINIS

VR Art Glass combines exclusive collections of photo artwork created by Visual Resource – with toughened glass.
Making VR Art Glass a durable and beautiful splashback option.

VRArtGlass editorial feature in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Photograph + Glass = Splashback

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Better Homes and Gardens report on new kitchen trends within the April 2015 issue.  One of those trends – kitchen splashbacks.

There’s an increasing demand for splashbacks that stray from the more usual glass or tiles – homeowners are exploring all options.  If you are willing to express your individuality, give your kitchen personality with the latest splashbacks in the form of windows, metallic finishes, digital art on glass or mirrors as well as mod and bright-patterned tiles.  Your splashback can make a lasting impression.

Better Homes and Gardens: April 2015 Issue  

VR Art Glass by Visual Resource was amongst the featured splashback finishes.  BH&G wrote, “Set your area apart with an eye catching splashback where photographic art is fused onto toughened glass.  Choose from city skylines, landmarks, abstract designs and naturescapes.”

Pictured here – Cremona # 7 from the VR Italy Collection. 

VRArtGlass Printed Glass Splashback Italy Photographic Art

VR Art Glass Kitchen Splashback featuring artwork ‘Cremona # 7’ from the Italy Collection.



VR Art Glass featuring Melb-Skyline-#7

VR Art Glass on display at the HIA Melbourne Home Show April 10-13, 2014

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Visual Resource will be exhibiting at the HIA Melbourne Home Show from Thursday April 10 to Sunday April 13, 2014.  

There are many reasons to visit the VR Art Glass stand A54, within the Kitchen & Bathroom area.

Just to mention a few reasons…

  • View the ‘Melbourne Skyline # 7’ VR Art Glass splashback – full sized and impressive.


  • Be charmed and mesmerised by the beautiful Imagination-Emotion’ Collection of works by French Artiste Marie-Ancolie Romanet.  Released in creative partnership with Visual Resource at the Home Show.


  • Enter the draw for the chance to win $1,000 off the price of your custom VR Art Glass piece.


We hope to see you at the Home Show.


Blue Winter by Marie-Ancolie Romanet

‘Imagination-Emotion’ – a stunning new Collection of works created by French Artiste Marie-Ancolie Romanet

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The photo art of Marie-Ancolie Romanet is best described as ‘Visual Poetry’: creations as unique and delicate as the subjects themselves. 

Visual Resource is proud to announce a creative partnership with French Artiste Marie-Ancolie Romanet.  A Collection of Romanet’s works will be released at the Home Show in April and can now be previewed on the VR Abstract GalleryThe works provide mesmerising visions for wall art, or custom VR Art Glass® pieces

A fellow photographer once said of Romanet’s work, “You will not see anything similar in National Geographic, travel books or stock libraries… her work, it comes from the soul. “

The photo art creations by Romanet have adorned the covers of magazines in France and the USA, graced the packaging of premium chocolates and Romanet was recently awarded her Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (UK). 

Despite the accolades and recognition from her photographic peers – Romanet remains refreshingly modest about her visual poetry, saying, “I do not like copying.  As a unique person I produce unique images.  I photograph what catches my eye in a precise second, in my home or my garden.  They are ‘soul photographs’.”     

When capturing ‘Wild is the Wind’, Romanet recalls the moment: “Wild is the Wind’ is made with the sky, the hedges and flowers of our garden.  The seed of the dandelion was a ‘prisoner’ of a broken spider web, and it was dancing in the morning breeze.  I went mad capturing the moment but it was such a great opportunity!  A few minutes after I took the photo…the seed had taken off. “

It is with such elegance, truth and simplicity that Romanet’s visual poetry is born.    

wild-is-the-wind-wild-is-the-world by Marie-Ancolie Romanet

“Wild is the Wind’ is made with the sky, the hedges and flowers of our garden.
The seed of the dandelion was a ‘prisoner’ of a broken spider web, and it was dancing in the morning breeze’.

Princess-From-the-cold by Marie-Ancolie Romanet

‘Princess From The Cold’
The works by Marie-Ancolie Romanet provide mesmerising visions for wall art, or custom VR Art Glass® pieces.


TourbillonValse by Marie-Ancolie Romanet

‘Tourbillon Valse’
“I try to look closely at the beauty which is surrounding us everywhere.” Marie-Ancolie.

PRW editorial feature - VR Art Glass

Make a splashback – VR Art Glass – Editorial

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Property Review Weekly (PRW) included a piece about VR Art Glass late in 2013.

‘Make a splashback’

Established by fine art photographers, Visual Resource specialise in the creation of VR Art Glass: the striking combination of splashbacks and art.  Providing the creative scope to add personality and individual style to your kitchen or bathroom, VR Art Glass is finished with durable, toughened glass perfect for active households.

Peruse their huge collection of original artworks or work with the Visual Resource team to design your own; you’re limited only by your imagination.

Thank you – PRW!

Prize Winner Announced – Custom VR Art Glass or VR Artwork

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Congratulations Dimity in QLD – Winner of the Visual Resource competition.

Partnering with RenoExchange, Visual Resource offered one lucky entrant the opportunity to win a custom VR Art Glass splashback, or VR Photo Artwork up to $2,000 in value.

We were delighted with the response of the competition, which proved to be one of the most popular prize offers RenoExchange has offered to date.

Thank you to all who entered.  Unfortunately there can be only one winner.  Once again congratulations Dimity – Michael and I look forward to working with you to create your custom artwork.

Competition image for BLOG

The best of both worlds – art for your wall, or art for your kitchen.