01 Floral Threads photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

FLORAL THREADS collection of photographic art: in sync with the future ORGANIC MATTER trend

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ORGANIC MATTER is one of the trends predicted to influence interior finishes and schemes for 2017, by Lead Futurist – Victoria Redshaw.


The Organic Matter trend explores possible creative outcomes of extreme naturalness that is not pruned, coaxed or restrained. It is unrestricted and unencumbered, effectively tipping the balance of control back to Nature.
In this trend, the laws of Nature rule.

Presented by Victoria Redshaw, Lead Futurist of Scarlet Opus (UK)


The Floral Threads collection of photographic art by Visual Resource reflects the influence, and captures the inspiration of the Organic Matter trend beautifully.

Created using an extreme macro view of the natural texture and colour given to us by nature: Floral Threads artworks offer no refinements, processing or taming of nature. Instead, nature is unleashed in full, glorious, organic colour and texture.

We hope you enjoy the raw, unstructured wildness the Floral Threads collection has to offer.


02 Floral Threads photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

The Floral Threads collection of artworks created by VR is in sync with the future trend Organic Matter, in colour palette & inspiration.


What is a Futurist?

Recently at the Décor & Design interiors event held in Melbourne, Victoria Redshaw, the Lead Futurist for trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus (UK) presented three distinct upcoming trends for 2017 and beyond. Victoria Redshaw’s audience was gifted with the startling end result of the ‘Futurists’ trend forecasting work.


Lisa Green, Editor in Chief of ‘Australian House & Garden’ magazine, sheds some light on how the work is done. She wrote in the August 2016 edition of H&G

The world of the trend forecaster is a strange one. Forced to exist in the future, they spend their time gazing into the modern equivalent of a crystal ball, sifting through economic, social, consumer drivers and highly visible industries such as fashion, automotive and technology to predict what consumers will do next.

Victoria Redshaw’s report brings together the collective mutterings of scouts the world over, grouping like-finds into categories then filtering them further to arrive at broad-brush ‘movements’ that are then boiled down into subsets of social movements / consumer sentiments and further distilled into colour palettes for 2017 & 2018.

After reading this insight into the Futurists process, I continue to be intrigued by the work of Lead Futurist Victoria Redshaw and her UK agency Scarlet Opus. I understand there is extensive research and rigour that goes into the development of the trends predicted.

The trends ring true to me and I look forward to seeing the predicted influences in colour and materials start to filter through people’s projects. If (for example) the Organic Matter trend strikes a chord with you, perhaps a piece from the VR Floral Threads collection will make an excellent addition to your kitchen, or an artwork for the wall.

View the full collection for inspiration of the extreme naturalness kind.

03 Floral Threads photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

Nature untamed in full, glorious, organic colour & texture – that is what ‘Floral Threads’ has to offer.


VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art PELLEGRINIS Melbourne by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

Focal points such as this set a home apart

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Exceptional wall art is within reach, thanks to the opening of an exciting new shop.


You don’t want your home to be just like everyone else’s, and you know individuality lies in the detail. So why not express your style and create a focal point with original art?


“Yeah right… easier said than done!”

may well be a thought crossing your mind about now…

Sourcing art for the walls involves a plethora of considerations, such as…

  • Where do I go to find wall art that does not look generic and well… just plain ordinary?
  • How do I know what type of visual is going to be ideal for my home and a reflection of my style?
  • And then there is size to think about… am I going to be asked, ‘what size did you have in mind?’ because, I have not thought about that.


Sheesh! There are so many things to think about!

So when it comes to finding wall art worthy of a place in your home, and not merely giving you some visual clutter, you could be forgiven for thinking it is a bit tricky…. and leave the task for another day.

It is true – here at Visual Resource we offer custom art solutions for all sorts of projects. For us, working together with people on the selection of an image, then preparing it to the custom size required, we get excited about that. That said, we also completely understand… sometimes you may not want to put in that sort of effort, you may be looking for fewer decisions, less complexity, and well… just a more streamlined, easier method.

And here it is! VR Art Prints: an easy access wall art option available from the VR SHOP.


When visiting the VR SHOP, here is what you will find:



We don’t expect you to wade through hundreds of mediocre artworks in search of a few gems. Instead, we have curated a unique selection of amazing images. The editing has been done to save you time. Only exceptional artworks make it into the VR Art Prints range.


VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art LANEWAY ENCLAVE Melbourne by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring LANEWAY ENCLAVE. Photo art by Michael Collins.



VR Art Prints are not mass-produced poster prints. Instead, each piece is individually printed to give a luminosity and quality only found in authentic photography. The difference when compared to low cost generic art is remarkable.

The size of the print has been thought about also. No decision to be made. The size is a generous 91cm wide x 61cm high.



When you consider, VR Art Prints are the happy union of stunning creative images, and a superb photographic archival print – the asking price provides great value.

VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art MELBOURNE 4 23 Skyline by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring MELBOURNE COLLECTION 4, # 23. By Michael Collins for Visual Resource.


So if we both agree, nothing short of extraordinary deserves to be hung on your walls: there are two possible avenues to take.



Let’s say your artwork will be going into a kitchen for a feature splashback, or a large format wall mural, for example. Visual Resource will prepare your artwork to the exact size required, on a finish we recommend to best suit your project. We will even consult with you to help you reach a final image selection from the VR Collections.

VR happily provide a high level of service to deliver you a custom solution.  In fact, this is the cornerstone of the Visual Resource offer and it will continue.

Over the years however, we have also come to recognise that sometimes your artwork requirements are simpler. You may not want (or need) to invest the time and energy a custom piece involves.  And so, here is an alternative.



A concise selection of captivating, unique VR images, combined with exceptional photographic printing: gives you a frame ready archival print.


  • Visit the VR Shop – anytime, anywhere
  • Select the VR Art Print you like
  • Place your order


You are now one giant leap closer to adding incredible art into your home. It’s that easy!


VR ART PRINT Photography Wall Art 02 LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

VR Art Print – Photography Wall Art featuring 02 LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL. Art by Michael Collins


VR Art Glass wall art feature Melbourne Monochrome 22 photography art by Michael Collins

Example of a custom art piece from Visual Resource. Using the VR Art Glass finish, the artwork is sized to fit perfectly in the wall unit. VR image: Melbourne Mono # 22 with a slight Sepia Tone.


VR ArtGlass samples at Visual Resource SHOWROOM printed glass with photo artworks by M Collins

Do you have a showroom?

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And you are most welcome to visit and check out the photographic artworks we create and how people use them in their homes.    

You will find the centrally located VR showroom at the Albert Park Lake end of Moray Street in South Melbourne.

To be exact: 341 Moray Street, South Melbourne

The showroom is a creative workspace for VR, and a place you are welcome to visit to see finishes like VR Art Glass®, or the ‘Urban Presentation’, to mention but a few of the many photographic finish options VR can offer you.

More importantly, beyond looking at finishes, we can talk about your project during a visit to the VR showroom.

Exploring, for example…

  • Where you would like to add imagery?
  • What style of artwork is right for you?
  • What will be appropriate and work within your space?


Our discussion will explore these important considerations (and others), and VR will provide a recommendation for your project.

We consider this part of the image consultation process; it’s the service we provide to help you find the prefect artwork for your home.  

During our discussion, you will have our undivided attention. We can offer you a coffee, or cup of tea as we enjoy learning about the specifics that make your project unique.


Visual Resource SHOWROOM for VR Art Glass printed glass photo art and more South Melbourne

The image consultation process is the service we provide to help you find the perfect artwork for your home.


Where are you located again?

The VR showroom isn’t located in an industrial area. Instead you will find us on a tree-lined street, surrounded by intriguing boutique businesses. So while the size of our showroom is modest, we find it to be creatively inspiring and conducive to good conversations.

Once again, you are very welcome to visit and check out the photographic artworks we create and how people use them in their homes.

Find us here: VR Visual Resource, 341 Moray Street, South Melbourne 

VR Visual Resource SHOWROOM 341 Moray Street South Melboourne MAP

Centrally located, you will find the VR Showroom at the Albert Park Lake end of Moray St in South Melbourne.


Do I need to make an appointment, or call ahead?

Yes, it is important to make an appointment or call ahead before you visit, so we can reserve a meeting time for you and give you our undivided attention.

Pellegrinis photo Art by Michael Collins framed black and white photographic paper print

You are welcome to visit the VR Showroom. Check out the photographic art we create and how people use them in their homes.


Create dont imitate - Tess McCabe Quote 1

Create, don’t imitate

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Create, don’t imitate.

A message originally penned by Tess McCabe, founder of Creative Minds Publishing.


The quote, ‘Create, don’t imitate, is one I appreciate and wanted to share with you as I think it can be interpreted in a few different ways.


When thinking about home decorating from a finding your style perspective, the quote provides encouragement to…


Live for yourself and not for someone else

a quote from Shaynna Blaze


While it may be unusual for someone to decorate a home, buying all furnishings at the one time and being true to only one style. I like to interpret the quote as license to let a personal style evolve over time, rather than emulating an established style, verbatim.

Perhaps it is more realistic (and certainly more personal and interesting), for our homes to be filled with items treasured from our past, along with newer pieces to meet our comfort, function and aesthetic needs.

When I think about the quote ‘Create, don’t imitate in this way, I believe it gives creative license to experiment with old and new, to tinker with established styles and my take on them, therefore mixing things up, in order to discover my own style.  A method which takes courage, and trust in myself.


Shaynna Blaze would also council:

Your personal style will be a pinch of your past, a lot of your present

and ever evolving into the future.”


Beyond my home decorating interpretation of the quote, I am aware how the creator who originally penned the phrase intended ‘Create, don’t imitate’, to be received.  When creator Tess McCabe first shared the quote on Instagram, she wrote,

*SIGH* Another week, another armload of Insta-stories from artists, makers and designers regarding imitations of their original works being found online. Today, let’s send a message to those who trawl the web for ‘inspiration’ to step back and put their OWN thinking caps on! Feel free to re-post this image in your own feed. Here’s hoping it will flick on a few lightbulbs.

The message McCabe shared is a sentiment many creators of original work know only too well.  And lament when other less creative, or people with questionable ethics… simply copy their work.

As creators of original photographic artworks, we think the message behind Create, don’t imitate is inspired, thought provoking and worthwhile.

Why? Because you deserve original artwork in your home – not a copy by someone lacking in the imagination to conceive an original idea, or the skill to execute an original work.


A note about the images:

I gave our young daughter an assignment to decorate the quote I had printed.   The visual at the top of the post, and the next, are both her work. The one you see below was her first go at it. It’s super creative! But then… a five year old is very qualified to provide fresh, unencumbered creative designs.


Create dont imitate - Tess McCabe Quote 2

Colouring design by Roisin Collins. Five-years-old and loving colour.


VRArtGlass Printed Splashback NATURES SHAPE # 4

Exceptional Designers Awarded for Creative Talents

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Michael and I are simply delighted to share the news, not one… but two projects we collaborated on have won, during the 2015 Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi) Awards.


Recently the Kitchen and Bathroom design community gathered eagerly hoping their fine work would receive the accolade of ‘best kitchen’ or ‘best bathroom’ award, when competing against a stellar field of Australian designers.

We are so proud to have contributed to these two wonderful award-winning designs.

Designer Patricia La Torre of OutsideInside Building Elements has taken out the award for DESIGNER – SMALL KITCHENS – VIC. Patricia’s stunning design went on to secure her the chapter award and title of KBDi KITCHEN DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2015 – VIC.

Melbourne kitchen with printed VR Art Glass Splashback

Designer Tip: If artwork is your kitchen’s focal point, choose similar colours, textures and finishes to complement the artwork – without detracting from it.


The award-winning Fitzroy kitchen features a striking VR Art Glass splashback with photographic artwork created by Michael Collins – Natures Shape # 4.


Splashback with art NATURES SHAPE #4 by Visual Resource

About the design, Patricia La Torre said, “Visually, everything centres on the striking glass splashback.”


Designer Patricia La Torre of OutsideInside Building Elements describes the design:

“This kitchen is a marvelous blend of form, function and fun.

The owners are art and design lovers, so the new kitchen needed to suit their personalities, lifestyle and the architectural style of this North Fitzroy apartment.

Visually, everything centres on the striking glass splashback. A prominent piece of photography, the artwork injects vibrant colours and playful lines into the space. The surrounding palette was drawn from this to achieve a perfect harmony of colour and texture that flows from the kitchen into the adjacent living and dining areas, and outside onto the balcony.

In a smaller apartment, the layout needed to improve the function, storage and flow of workspaces. Every little detail was considered and is interconnected.

The result is an open-plan cooking and entertaining area that’s not only an eye-catching feature of the home but also the engine room of everyday life and a pleasure to spend time in.”


And what did the judges have to say about Patricia’s winning project?

The designer produced an outstanding design that certainly made the most of a very small space, but it was the dynamic splashback and vibrant colours in this kitchen that first caught the attention of the judging panel. Combined with the warmth of the Blackbutt veneer and the crispness of the white cabinetry and benchtops, the complementary red and green hues create a visual delight. Subtle detailing further enhances the appeal of the kitchen, and excellent documentation made judging a breeze.


Another creative design to capture the hearts and minds of judges was Sam Robinson’s elegant en-suite within a Port Melbourne apartment – awarded DESIGNER – SMALL BATHROOMS – VIC.


Bathroom design with wall sized VR Art Glass printed glass feature by Visual Resource

Designer Sam Robinson has taken out the award for DESIGNER – SMALL BATHROOMS – VIC. Congratulations Sam!


Incorporating a wall sized VR Art Glass printed splashback provides a statement piece as well as a stamp of individuality for homeowners.

Sam acknowledged the creative and technical contribution Visual Resource made to the project with a note to Toni & Michael, “Could not have been possible without your talent, skill and professionalism. Just wanted to say a humungous THANK YOU!’ Sam wrote.


Outstanding design within the all-important kitchen and bathroom does so much more than being aesthetically pleasing and functional. Exceptional design can unify a home, assert a personality and style worthy of the people living in the home, it can transform what it’s like to live in the space. I feel so strongly about the difference outstanding, creative design can make – I think it can change lives!

We enjoyed having our creativity and technical skills put to task for the clients and their homes. The collaboration between VR and designers Patricia La Torre and Sam Robinson yielded great results. Congratulations to both designers for the well deserved awards you have won for your exceptional designs.


About the KBDI Awards

KBDi is short for the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute. Each year the KBDI host an awards program intended to recognise the incredible talent of Australia’s finest Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Entrants of the awards range from high profile professionals who have been in the industry for many years, to up and coming designers new to the game.


For a full list of National Award Winners for the 2015 KBDi Designer Awards, please follow the link


The Drilling Workers Photography by Pang XIANGLIANG

Photography Exhibition Not To Be Missed

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Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

Michael and I love photography. (Perhaps you do too?) It’s the passion for photography that inspires us to venture down the highway, visiting the Ballarat International Foto Biennale every two years.

The range of photographic styles and collection of works presented by the BIFB is simply vast – well worth a drive and day out. For a very brief teaser of one exhibit you can see, the works shared here are by Photographer Pang Xiangliang, Daquing China, with his exhibition titled, The Post – 1980 Drilling Workers’.

We found the exhibit by Pang gritty, industrial, harsh and real. The workers in these harsh conditions are heroic, presenting human qualities of endurance and perseverance. Much to our delight, the Photographer, his Wife and Niece were at the venue and keen to speak to us about his works. He even took some photos of us!

Within the Core Program Catalogue, Wu Peng wrote of Pang’s exhibit:

In order to record the hard working environment of ‘the post-1980’ drilling workers, Pang Xiangliang has spent countless hours taking photos in the well site in cold winter. With regards to shooting, Pang Xiangliang upholds the basic principles of documentary photography and its moral bottom line, which makes the pictures truly reflect the drillers’ work and the precious moments of life.

The Drilling Workers Photography by Pang XIANGLIANG - Young Drilling Worker

Photography by Pang Xinagliang © Image, Zhou Peng, a young drilling worker from the exhibition titled, ‘The Post – 1980 Drilling Workers’


Perhaps you will be tempted to go and take a look? See what you think of the photography by Pang and many other artists exhibiting at this years Ballarat International Foto Biennale – running from 22 August through until September 20. The International Foto exhibition is well worth a drive to Ballarat for a day of visual & creative discovery.

Without giving too much away about the experience that waits, a quick tip to get you started on your path is… Stop by the BIFB office (beside the Ballarat Mining Exchange – 12 Lydiard St North), collect a Festival Program, head for a nearby café to peruse the Program. The Program will provide a quick introduction to the scope of Photographers on display throughout the many fascinating locations exhibiting works. Then, get on the move and start discovering!


About the Artist

Mr Pang was born in Ta’an, Shandong Province. He worked as an oil worker and an art teacher before he undertook study and became a member of the judiciary. He is a member of the Chinese Photographers Association, the Heilongjiang Photographers Association and is Honorary Chairman of the Daqing Oil-Light Photographers Association. He was awarded Outstanding Photographer in social life photography at the Pingyao International photo festival in 2013 and again in 2014.


To discover more about the many wonderful photographers and creative exhibits presented by the festival, check out the organisers website link:

BIFB Website

VRArtGlass printed glass splashback featuring artwork PAINTED BY LIGHT 5 by Visual Resource

Home Show Melbourne – Apr 9 to 12, 2015

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Are you building, renovating or making home improvements? 

If you are… a visit to the Melbourne HIA Home Show is an opportunity to discover stunning finishes like VR Art Glass for your kitchen, bathroom or wall art.

On display will be full sized VR Art Glass splashbacks featuring artworks from the Abstract and Modern VR Galleries.  Artworks include:  

Colour Splash # 1 – from the Colour Splash Collection  (Abstract Gallery)

Melbourne Skyline # 7 – from the Melbourne Skyline Collection  (Modern Gallery)

Painted by Light # 5 – from the Seasons Collection  (Abstract Gallery)

Another reason to visit the VR Art Glass exhibit by Visual Resource… a prize offer is available giving you the chance to win $1,500 off the price of your VR Art Glass feature. 

We hope to see you at the Home Show.   Here are a few details to help you plan your visit:

EVENT: The HIA Melbourne Home Show  www.hiahomeshow.com.au   

WHEN: Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 April 2015

WHERE: Melbourne Exhibition Centre

VISIT:  VR Art Glass, Stand A46 in the Kitchens & Bathrooms zone

VRArtGlass printed glass splashback MELBOURNE photo art by Michael Collins PELLEGRINIS

VR Art Glass combines exclusive collections of photo artwork created by Visual Resource – with toughened glass.
Making VR Art Glass a durable and beautiful splashback option.

VRArtGlass editorial feature in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Photograph + Glass = Splashback

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Better Homes and Gardens report on new kitchen trends within the April 2015 issue.  One of those trends – kitchen splashbacks.

There’s an increasing demand for splashbacks that stray from the more usual glass or tiles – homeowners are exploring all options.  If you are willing to express your individuality, give your kitchen personality with the latest splashbacks in the form of windows, metallic finishes, digital art on glass or mirrors as well as mod and bright-patterned tiles.  Your splashback can make a lasting impression.

Better Homes and Gardens: April 2015 Issue  

VR Art Glass by Visual Resource was amongst the featured splashback finishes.  BH&G wrote, “Set your area apart with an eye catching splashback where photographic art is fused onto toughened glass.  Choose from city skylines, landmarks, abstract designs and naturescapes.”

Pictured here – Cremona # 7 from the VR Italy Collection. 

VRArtGlass Printed Glass Splashback Italy Photographic Art

VR Art Glass Kitchen Splashback featuring artwork ‘Cremona # 7’ from the Italy Collection.



VR Art Glass featuring Melb-Skyline-#7

VR Art Glass on display at the HIA Melbourne Home Show April 10-13, 2014

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Visual Resource will be exhibiting at the HIA Melbourne Home Show from Thursday April 10 to Sunday April 13, 2014.  

There are many reasons to visit the VR Art Glass stand A54, within the Kitchen & Bathroom area.

Just to mention a few reasons…

  • View the ‘Melbourne Skyline # 7’ VR Art Glass splashback – full sized and impressive.


  • Be charmed and mesmerised by the beautiful Imagination-Emotion’ Collection of works by French Artiste Marie-Ancolie Romanet.  Released in creative partnership with Visual Resource at the Home Show.


  • Enter the draw for the chance to win $1,000 off the price of your custom VR Art Glass piece.


We hope to see you at the Home Show.


PRW editorial feature - VR Art Glass

Make a splashback – VR Art Glass – Editorial

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Property Review Weekly (PRW) included a piece about VR Art Glass late in 2013.

‘Make a splashback’

Established by fine art photographers, Visual Resource specialise in the creation of VR Art Glass: the striking combination of splashbacks and art.  Providing the creative scope to add personality and individual style to your kitchen or bathroom, VR Art Glass is finished with durable, toughened glass perfect for active households.

Peruse their huge collection of original artworks or work with the Visual Resource team to design your own; you’re limited only by your imagination.

Thank you – PRW!

Prize Winner Announced – Custom VR Art Glass or VR Artwork

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Congratulations Dimity in QLD – Winner of the Visual Resource competition.

Partnering with RenoExchange, Visual Resource offered one lucky entrant the opportunity to win a custom VR Art Glass splashback, or VR Photo Artwork up to $2,000 in value.

We were delighted with the response of the competition, which proved to be one of the most popular prize offers RenoExchange has offered to date.

Thank you to all who entered.  Unfortunately there can be only one winner.  Once again congratulations Dimity – Michael and I look forward to working with you to create your custom artwork.

Competition image for BLOG

The best of both worlds – art for your wall, or art for your kitchen.