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Hamptons inspired design plus incredible photo art splashback

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What do you get when you combine classic Hamptons inspired design and incredible photography on the splashback?

You get this wonderful kitchen, designed by Georgina Rowe.


The kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist, thanks to the addition of the feature VR Art Glass splashback.


About the kitchen

The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style. Elegant & refined best describes the feel of the inviting and well-appointed kitchen.

The sophisticated colour palette and use of natural materials is complimented by the Art Glass splashback. Georgina was feeling completely uninspired by tiles (for the splashback choice), so she opted for a custom image splashback, which provides a delicate feature in perfect balance with the surrounds.

VR Art Glass, a custom feature

With Georgina providing creative direction, some changes were made to the original image captured by photographer Michael Collins.


Georgina selected HIGH COUNTRY #15 for her kitchen splashback. After some customisation, (seen at bottom) the image is refined & elegant just like the rest of the kitchen. The artwork provides a perfect match!


When looking at the top image, you can see the original. Then underneath it, you can see the customised version.

The changes:

  1. The intensity of the colour was subdued.
  2. The fallen branch in the stream was removed.


About the designer

To experience more of Georgina’s appealing style and learn more about her work and the services available, visit interiors of woodend online, or visit the store: 4A Collier St. Woodend 3442


What’s your style?

The beauty of working with a creative finish like VR Art Glass, it can be shaped and molded to compliment any style.

Be it an eye-catching wow factor to set off your predominantly white kitchen, or a more subtle integration with the surrounds – VR Art Glass offers complete versatility.

Depending on the artwork you select, VR Art Glass can deliver the level of impact you desire, ranging from high visual impact, right through to elegant and understated.


Is image quality important? Can I just grab an image off the web for example?

In theory, yes you can source an image off the web. On your phone or your computer screen, it will look lovely. How good it looks once it is enlarged to the size of your splashback… well that depends entirely on how large the file size is.

In short – the quality of the imagery will make an enormous difference to how good (or bad) your splashback looks.

A few visuals at this point will be helpful. The first shows the original image Georgina selected, prior to any customisation. You can see the full image inset. (It is the smaller image.) Then, the rest of what you can see is a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size.



Example 1. Image captured by photographer Michael Collins. A quality image able to enlarge to big sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail & clarity.


The details in the image above are crisp and clear. Notice the log in the water, the shape of the leaves, even the blades of grass! The image has clarity and looks great. Why? Because the image has been taken by a photographer, using professional camera gear. It is a quality image that will enlarge to extreme sizes, while still retaining fantastic image detail and clarity.


Next: a second example from the other end of the spectrum.



Example 2 shows the poor reproduction quality that occurs when the file being used is not large enough for the task. Image clarity is lost, when enlarged.

By contrast, the second image shows the sort of disappointing result that occurs when the image file is simply not up to the task. If the file size is small, it is going to struggle when your splashback enlargement is 2m plus in size. It just won’t cut it!

The image above shows the full image inset (this is the smaller visual you can see.) Then, a portion of the image, enlarged to the big splashback size. The poor image quality you see is the result of pixilation. The image clarity is lost.

We share this imaging insight with you, to help prevent disappointment. If the image quality of the second example looks OK, then go for it. (Seek away, images off the Internet.) However, if you would like a much better end result for your kitchen, the image quality a photographer can offer you will make a huge difference.


Tell me more about the Hamptons design style: where does it originate from, and what is it like?

Originally, the Hamptons style took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York. And today, the Hamptons style often evokes a sense of costal, casual living, which is elegant and refined.

The Hamptons style kitchen is set apart by the use of natural materials, a sophisticated palette, classic shapes, along with an abundance of natural light.



The work of designer Georgina Rowe, the kitchen is a nod to the Hamptons style.


Georgina’s kitchen reflects the Hamptons style with an original twist. It is the first time we have installed VR Art Glass in this style of kitchen and we are so delighted with the result. The artwork choice Georgina made, along with the creative changes Georgina requested, provides balance and completes the kitchen in pitch perfect harmony. The kitchen is elegant and refined, to say the least!