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Visual Resource Art Print STREET ART enjoy art in the physical form

Enjoy art in the physical form – rather than just fleetingly on a screen

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We are surrounded, even bombarded with hundreds of images every day. We receive an abundance of visual stimulus from Facebook, TV and the Internet, even if we only see these visuals for a fleeting moment.

As a lovely contrast, it is calming, even restorative to slow things down and enjoy the physical experience of art. Imagine less volume of imagery, in place of something longer lasting and incredible.

Nothing compares to seeing something in person.  


The impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked. Authentic photographic artworks deliver so many things, including:

  • Art creates an atmosphere
  •  Art can be exciting and inspiring
  •  Art can add further colour and character to your home
  •  Art can become a focal point for a room
  • “Art is like salt, pepper or chilli – it adds spice to life and encourages you to be inspired.”  Nicolia Monies – Jeweller – Copenhagen.


And by far, the most personal benefit is…

By adding your choice of art, you express your style while also setting your home apart.


To get you in the mood for selecting a new piece of astounding wall art, let’s consider two possible options.

Do I go bold and create an eye-catching focal point?


Do I go with more subtle design and tones to compliment the rest of the colour scheme? To blend in and be a team player…

Here are a few tips for you to consider, when making the decision for you and your home.



Tip 1.

If you have mostly neutral furnishings, they provide a ‘blank canvas’ if you like…

Your choice of artwork can create a contrast to the interior, instead of trying to match what is there now.

This gives you a free rein, as you can be guided by the artwork that moves you, regardless of its style, shape or colour palette.


Tip 2.

Once you have found the artwork that moves you, then you can draw inspiration from the artwork for items like cushions or vases to reflect some colours from your art. These ‘accents’ will serve to tie the room together.

Repeating colours within the artwork (accents), increases the artworks impact in the room.


Tip 3.

There is no end to the possible visual subject matter of art. It could be for example, a stunning Melbourne street scene, busting with life, character and colour. Like the ‘Street Art’ photographic artwork seen above.

Alternatively, you may like to make a splash with an abstract photo art: rich in colour along with a sense of movement in the design. For example, ‘Natures Shape # 4’ seen below.

Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art NATURES SHAPE 4

GOING BOLD. Instead of trying to match your interior, this option gives you free rein to select art that moves you. Art on the wall ‘Natures Shape # 4’



Then there is the second option…


Tip 1.

An alternative approach when selecting an artwork is to select a piece that matches or blends with your interior.

This involves selecting an artwork which combines colours, shapes, forms, and styles that are completely in unison with your interior.

This gives harmony where the artwork is a team player, rather than the star.


Tip 2.

Choices, choices! Don’t despair. There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. Having choice is not only inspiring – it is essential!


And for one last overarching tip, not specific to being bold or subtle…

As you look at art, you will know what you like. So trust yourself and go with your instincts. Your taste in art will be entirely personal, so why not choose something you love.

Art bought with your heart will never disappoint.


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art LIQUID SCULPTURE NEUTRAL 01

BEING SUBTLE. Select an artwork in unison with your interior. The art will be a team player, rather than a star. Art on the wall ’01 Liquid Sculpture – Neutral’


Visual Resource Art Print Photographic Wall Art SHADOW PLAY 06

BEING SUBTLE. Art on the wall ‘Shadow Play 06’. Photographic artwork by Michael Collins.


Visual Resource enjoy art in the physical form not just on a small screen

Feeling bombarded by images? Keep in mind… Nothing compares to seeing something in person. And the impact of art on your wall is not to be overlooked.

VR ArtGlass Printed glass splashback by Visual Resource VERSAILLES

Memories of Versailles Gardens: makes for a creative splashback

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The bench to ceiling format of the VR Art Glass splashback creates a striking focal point for the kitchen and dining area.


The warmth of the timber flooring and dining table reflect colour from the tree lined avenue photograph: just one of the elements making the choice of image for the splashback fit so perfectly within the home.


Of even greater fit and cohesion however, is the fact that the image has great significance to homeowner Poppy. As a photograph she captured, there are many things loved about the image. Poppy could visualise this photograph within the planned renovation.


There was however a technical obstacle to be overcome…

The size of the kitchen splashback is an impressive 2m wide x 1.6m high.

When Poppy first brought her image file in for Michael to look at, the realization was, the size of the file was not going to be large enough to provide a quality print. The file was just too small for the task.

But on further reflection… knowing how integral the image was to the renovation and how important it was to Poppy, Toni and Michael came up with an idea to ‘tweak’ the file, so that a print for the sizable splashback area could be done, while still looking visually fantastic.


Many photographic enhancements were made to Poppy’s original image, including:

  • Removal of people in the central lawn area
  • Removal of people in the side lane area
  • Removal of sign in the side lane area
  • Removal of a bird’s wing along the top of the photo
  • Improved clarity and saturation of colour
  • Crop image to suit the splashback format
  • Along with one more very significant creative treatment change, to enable a quality reproduction of the image at the large splashback size.


Using creative photographic skills, VR were able to make many enhancements, in order for a quality splashback to be possible.

VR Art Glass Trees in the garden of Versailles before and after enhancements

The original image, taken by Poppy is seen on the left. The final image complete with enhancements is seen on the right.


Without making the improvements to the supplied photograph, the end result would be have been disappointing for Poppy. Instead – this is what Poppy had to say about the experience and the new splash back:

We were very impressed with both Toni and Michael from Visual Resource. We wanted to use our own artwork for a splashback (which was not at an appropriate resolution for the size of the splashback that we wanted). However, Michael waved his magic over our artwork, removed all the blemishes and enhanced the image to produce a truly beautiful picture of the required size.  Everyone’s first word when they see our splashback is “WOW!”

Apart from being skilled and creative, Toni and Michael were always a pleasure to work with.  We would highly recommend Visual Resource to anyone wanting a great visual splashback from people who are hands-on and work calmly to get the best outcome.


Further details about the kitchen renovation:

  • Sam Robinson Interior Design designed the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Victoria Kitchen Company built the kitchen.
  • Finishes Include:
    • Benchtops: WK Quantum Quartz -Pearly Shores
    • Cabinetry: Polytex – Stone Grey Sheen
    • Splashback: VR Art Glass featuring the owners own photo.
    • Schweigen Ceiling Mounted Rangehood
    • Flooring: Karndean, Van Gogh Mid Wood – Lancewood


VR ArtGlass Printed glass splashback by Visual Resource Trees in the garden of VERSAILLES

VR Art Glass splashback features ‘Trees in the garden of Versailles’, a photograph captured by homeowner Poppy.


Visual Resource Earthquake Damage Wainoni Christchurch NZ

NZ earthquake creates havoc: Natures Shape helps to restore balance

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While the devastation of an earthquake happens in an instant, the impact on people and their homes takes years to rectify. Sharon & Gary living in Christchurch, New Zealand are two such people.

After contacting Visual Resource in late 2014, interested in an original artwork for their kitchen splashback, we discovered Sharon & Gary’s home was being rebuilt following the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. The foundations of their home had broken and sunk causing twisting and warping of the entire house. Damaged beyond repair, insurance would cover the very basics of a rebuild, but not ‘nice to have’ items like VR Art Glass.

After considering the trauma of loosing a home to an earthquake, along with the hardship of rebuilding, Michael wrote to Sharon in Oct 2014 to offer:

Dear Sharon,

Toni and I were both touched by your circumstances and would be delighted to provide that ‘wow’ factor for your kitchen.  So if it helps we are happy to offer this artwork to you at… no charge!


Four and a half years after the earthquake disaster and living elsewhere, the rebuild is now (finally) complete; the couple is back in their home with this to say…


February 2016

Hi Michael,

Our new splashback is now installed and looks awesome.

Thank you so much to Toni and yourself for your generosity in allowing us the use of this fabulous artwork. Anyone that has visited us has said how amazing it looks.

Thank you both once again.

Sharon & Gary

Wainoni, Christchurch NZ

Visual Resource NZ Original Home DEMOLITION

Pictured during the demolition stage, the original home was damaged beyond repair during the 2010 / 2011 NZ earthquakes.


VR ArtGlass printed glass splashback NATURES SHAPE 4 by photographer Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

Kitchen splashback featuring VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’

VR Artwork NATURES SHAPE 4 printed glass kitchen splashback by Michael Collins Photographer

VR Artworks are created by photographer Michael Collins, available exclusively from Visual Resource.



Visual Resource NZ Earthquake HOME after rebuid

Home again! “We are so very happy to be back in our new house after living four and a half years elsewhere.” Sharon


Gary & Sharon, for selecting the beautiful VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’  for your new kitchen, we say thank you.  May it bring you years of calm and enjoyment.

Toni & Michael Collins



Holiday reading ANNA SPIRO Book Review

Establishing your sense of style

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Holiday reading inspiration

Before January slips away for another year… I will linger (just for a moment), to share my favourite summer holiday pastime… reading.   There is a massive contrast to my experience of reading during the year versus on holidays. While engulfed in the throws of the yearly work/life juggle, reading a novel or book is a great challenge to squeeze in. I also struggle to conquer more than a few pages before I start to nod off! (Regardless of the time of day.) So every summer… with leisure time in spades, reading is like discovering a newfound joyful hobby, again, and again!

This year my holiday reading included the page-turner ‘Reckoning’ a memoir by Magda Szubanski, along with a book by Anna Spiro ‘Absolutely Beautiful Things : a bright and colourful life’ (pictured above).  Both wonderful.  The interiors book by Spiro bursts with vibrant, energising colour, along with eclectic, layered styling. (No chance of nodding off with it in my grasp.)

I found Spiro’s love for and use of colour playful and rambunctious. Best of all Spiro offers her reader insight into how she found her own unique style, along with encouragement to experiment, in order to find your own sense of style. That’s generous!

The style presented in the beautiful photographs of the book is not akin to my own. And I think that is one of the key points Spiro is making. Rather than trying to emulate a particular style, explore and trust your instincts, so that you may find your own style – one you love. The book invites you to be brave, “go for it,” “mix and match”, “Give it a try,” all come to mind as I read.

So why not put your favorite colours on display in your home? Who cares if your neighbors’ favorite shade is Antique White U.S.A., with a choice of cushion toned Whisper White (for a radical contrast)?

Why not let your home shine with items and colours that provide a small reflection of the complex character which is you!!!

VR Book Review Anna Spiro Absolutely Beautiful Things Style Inspirations

I loved the generosity of Interior Designer Anna Spiro, as she encourages her reader to develop a unique sense of style.



VRArtGlass Printed Splashback NATURES SHAPE # 4

Exceptional Designers Awarded for Creative Talents

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Michael and I are simply delighted to share the news, not one… but two projects we collaborated on have won, during the 2015 Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi) Awards.


Recently the Kitchen and Bathroom design community gathered eagerly hoping their fine work would receive the accolade of ‘best kitchen’ or ‘best bathroom’ award, when competing against a stellar field of Australian designers.

We are so proud to have contributed to these two wonderful award-winning designs.

Designer Patricia La Torre of OutsideInside Building Elements has taken out the award for DESIGNER – SMALL KITCHENS – VIC. Patricia’s stunning design went on to secure her the chapter award and title of KBDi KITCHEN DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2015 – VIC.

Melbourne kitchen with printed VR Art Glass Splashback

Designer Tip: If artwork is your kitchen’s focal point, choose similar colours, textures and finishes to complement the artwork – without detracting from it.


The award-winning Fitzroy kitchen features a striking VR Art Glass splashback with photographic artwork created by Michael Collins – Natures Shape # 4.


Splashback with art NATURES SHAPE #4 by Visual Resource

About the design, Patricia La Torre said, “Visually, everything centres on the striking glass splashback.”


Designer Patricia La Torre of OutsideInside Building Elements describes the design:

“This kitchen is a marvelous blend of form, function and fun.

The owners are art and design lovers, so the new kitchen needed to suit their personalities, lifestyle and the architectural style of this North Fitzroy apartment.

Visually, everything centres on the striking glass splashback. A prominent piece of photography, the artwork injects vibrant colours and playful lines into the space. The surrounding palette was drawn from this to achieve a perfect harmony of colour and texture that flows from the kitchen into the adjacent living and dining areas, and outside onto the balcony.

In a smaller apartment, the layout needed to improve the function, storage and flow of workspaces. Every little detail was considered and is interconnected.

The result is an open-plan cooking and entertaining area that’s not only an eye-catching feature of the home but also the engine room of everyday life and a pleasure to spend time in.”


And what did the judges have to say about Patricia’s winning project?

The designer produced an outstanding design that certainly made the most of a very small space, but it was the dynamic splashback and vibrant colours in this kitchen that first caught the attention of the judging panel. Combined with the warmth of the Blackbutt veneer and the crispness of the white cabinetry and benchtops, the complementary red and green hues create a visual delight. Subtle detailing further enhances the appeal of the kitchen, and excellent documentation made judging a breeze.


Another creative design to capture the hearts and minds of judges was Sam Robinson’s elegant en-suite within a Port Melbourne apartment – awarded DESIGNER – SMALL BATHROOMS – VIC.


Bathroom design with wall sized VR Art Glass printed glass feature by Visual Resource

Designer Sam Robinson has taken out the award for DESIGNER – SMALL BATHROOMS – VIC. Congratulations Sam!


Incorporating a wall sized VR Art Glass printed splashback provides a statement piece as well as a stamp of individuality for homeowners.

Sam acknowledged the creative and technical contribution Visual Resource made to the project with a note to Toni & Michael, “Could not have been possible without your talent, skill and professionalism. Just wanted to say a humungous THANK YOU!’ Sam wrote.


Outstanding design within the all-important kitchen and bathroom does so much more than being aesthetically pleasing and functional. Exceptional design can unify a home, assert a personality and style worthy of the people living in the home, it can transform what it’s like to live in the space. I feel so strongly about the difference outstanding, creative design can make – I think it can change lives!

We enjoyed having our creativity and technical skills put to task for the clients and their homes. The collaboration between VR and designers Patricia La Torre and Sam Robinson yielded great results. Congratulations to both designers for the well deserved awards you have won for your exceptional designs.


About the KBDI Awards

KBDi is short for the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute. Each year the KBDI host an awards program intended to recognise the incredible talent of Australia’s finest Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Entrants of the awards range from high profile professionals who have been in the industry for many years, to up and coming designers new to the game.


For a full list of National Award Winners for the 2015 KBDi Designer Awards, please follow the link

Bathroom design with wall sized VR Art Glass printed glass feature by Visual Resource

“Honey – It’s Cold Outside”

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The lure of a warm shower during the depths of winter is hard to beat.

And why not linger longer under the warm spray when you have a treat for the eyes to feast upon as well?

The Port Melbourne apartment enjoys a bathroom boasting a wall sized VR Art Glass feature. Not a tile or grout line in sight! Instead, the sleek and seamless finish of VR Art Glass.

The bathroom design by Sam Robinson was always destined to be fresh and stylishly appointed. The decision to incorporate a wall sized VR Art Glass piece spanning from shower to vanity delivers a statement, as well as a stamp of individuality for homeowners.

The couple selected an image of Brooklyn Bridge for its personal relevance, along with its dramatic architectural stature. The result: the bathroom is beautifully designed, visually engaging and is one of a kind!

VR Artwork - wall art by Visual Resource - photo art HANGING ROCK by Michael Collins

Wall Art – reflecting the comfort of home

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The selection of artwork for the bedroom of this Elwood, Beach Road apartment reflects a playful juxtaposition of two worlds.

One: the heady pace of a busy professional working and living in the city.

Versus the calm, restorative effect a natural, rural landscape gives.


Born and raised in the country, the contrasting effect the artwork provides for the homeowner is both aesthetically and mentally pleasing.


Wall Art by Visual Resource - photo art by Michael Collins - Hanging Rock 2 reflection

VR Artwork – ‘Hanging Rock # 2’


The artwork featured in the character filled Elwood bedroom is VR Artwork ‘Hanging Rock # 2’ from the Classic Gallery. Finished using the ‘Urban Presentation’, which delivers optimum photographic detail and clarity. It is our most premium print finish.



  • High-gloss chromogenic photographic print
  • Adhered to a perfectly smooth metal substrate
  • High-gloss protective clear laminate to print surface


The finish is sleek and efficient in presentation while delivering the highest photographic image quality possible.

It is stunning!


VR Artwork - Photographic art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource - Juxtaposition Quote

The selection of artwork for the bedroom of this Elwood, Beach Road apartment reflects a playful juxtaposition of two worlds.





Kitchen renovation - printed splashback - photographic art by Michael Collins NATURES SHAPE 17

Crisp white kitchen renovation = elegance personified

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The owner of this sharply renovated Sydney residence had a clear vision for her kitchen…

“The artwork from Visual Resource compliments and reflects the garden that surrounds.
I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.”


The kitchen of the Sydney north shore home confidently greets with effortless sophistication.

The finishes: each element carefully selected and few of them, demonstrating minimalist restraint.

The result: the homeowner adores her kitchen, ‘I would not change a thing’, Carol said.

Printed kitchen splashback - VR Art Glass - photographic art NATURES SHAPE 17 by Michael Collins for VISUAL RESOURCE

VR Artwork ‘Natures Shape # 17’, within the Abstract Gallery. The splashback features within the sharply renovated Sydney north shore residence.


A kitchen teeming with natural light, adorned by the lush, vivid green garden – it is simply a triumph.

Enough about what we think… the homeowner shared her kitchen joy with VR when she recently wrote:

Hi Toni,

We are very happy with the image that we chose for the splashback and we have had so many compliments.

I look at the splashback as a beautiful piece of art hanging in my kitchen.

You have been a pleasure to work with and we have recommended your company to so many people. When we renovate our next house we would love to work with you again.

Kind regards,



VR Artwork - Patterns Neutral # 17 - Photo Art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

WALL ART – Be Inspired

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Do you have blank walls in need of some attention?

Look about… are there any bare walls around you? Maybe today’s the day – that wall has been blank for far too long.

The addition of art in your space is a chance to play and ‘accessorise’.   Accessories bring the finishing touches to a room; they make a space liveable, fun and provide the key to individuality.

Here are a few thought starters to help unleash your inner art buyer…



Forget ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’ art. These judgments and criteria are not only completely subjective; thoughts along those lines will stifle and be unhelpful. Here is an alternative…

Your taste in art is entirely personal. Choose something you love!

Art bought with your heart will never disappoint.



Go bold and create a focal point.

  •  Your new artwork does not need to match the paint colour or furniture in your room.
  • If you have mostly neutral furnishings this provides a ‘blank canvas’ if you like… where you can be guided by the artwork that moves you, regardless of its style, shape or colour palette.
  • You may like to make a splash with an abstract photo art (for example): rich in colour along with a sense of movement in the design – adding interest and excitement.
  • Then… you can draw inspiration from the artwork, for items like cushions or vases to reflect some colours from your art. These ‘accents’ will serve to tie the room together.
  • Repeating colours within the artwork (accents), increases the artworks impact in the room.
Wall Art by Visual Resource - PAINTERLY No 12

Art = accessorising = the key to individuality. Abstract photo artwork – Painterly # 12. Creative & bold – the perfect focal point.


Or, choose subtle tones to complement your existing décor.

  • An alternative approach when selecting an artwork is to select a piece that blends with your interior – combining colours, shapes, forms and styles that are completely in unison with your interior. This gives harmony where the artwork is a team player, rather than the star.
  • Imagine photo art of a cityscape or landscape for example, finished in black & white or a sepia tone.
Photographic Artwork Mono by Visual Resource - Wall Art

Photo artwork ‘Landscape Mono 03’. The artwork blends with the tones and compliments the natural texture of the interior finishes.



The scale of the artwork in relation to the area it will be placed is worthy of some thought. Respected interior designer and stylist Shannon Fricke in her book ‘How to decorate’ counsels:

“An oversized canvas hung on a small wall does not make for a harmonious space, and nor does a tiny canvas on a large wall. When the scale is wrong, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the artwork is, the result won’t feel right.”        


Tips to help with the consideration of artwork size include:

  • A small piece of art may not work above a large piece of furniture. Use a bigger artwork!
  • The goal is to create balance.
  • If you have a huge wall running the length of your living area, avoid one small artwork. (It may give the impression of a postage stamp on your wall.)


The home pictured next is a prime example of a grand scale space, begging for a grand scale artwork.

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Wall Feature Melbourne Skyline Photo Art

VR Art Glass printed glass mural wall – ‘Melbourne Skyline # 7’ – Photo art by Michael Collins for Visual Resource.


TIP: a practical way to visualise and decide the right artwork size.

  • Make a template from paper to see how the size looks, within the space.
  • Cut out (brown) paper to the size you are thinking for the artwork. Stick this to the wall with masking tape.
  • Add more (brown) paper to increase the size (if needed), or cut away brown paper to reduce the size (if needed.)
  • Keep experimenting until you feel sure the size (of brown paper representing your artwork size) will suit the space.
  • It’s all about scale!
  • Measure the size of the (brown paper) template. Let VR know the size and VR can prepare a quote for you.


How can Visual Resource help?

All VR artworks are prepared to your custom requirements, including the finish and size. We will ask you, ‘what size would you like your finished artwork to be?’ The custom nature of VR artworks gives you great flexibility and the perfect art for your space.



  • One tip is to position your artwork so that the centre of the piece is at eye level.
  • 152cm off the floor level is an indication.



Yes it is true, an original photographic artwork from VR does cost more than a poster print from Ikea. But you are getting so much more for your money.

While it is a reality, we all have financial constraints and budgets to work within. Remember, if you find the perfect artwork – it is an investment. (Try to think long term, the price will be long forgotten while you enjoy looking at the artwork for years to come.)


Melbourne Wall Art - Photography by Michael Collins for Visual Resource

Cafe featuring various photo artworks from the Modern Gallery & Melbourne Collections. Finish: traditional black & white silver gelatin photographic prints.

Wall Art - Photography by Michael Collins for Visual Resource - Seasons Autumn No 18

VR artwork ‘Seasons Autumn # 18’, seen in the Classic Gallery


Try not to be restricted and restrained by your overall decorating scheme when choosing artwork. Instead – go for what you love. Vibrant, dynamic artwork can add interest and pop in an otherwise sedate interior scheme.

Relax and trust your instincts. If it helps… consider that the stakes are not as high as selecting a floor finish or the kitchen design. So be brave and save a blank wall today!

Photo Artwork by Visual Resource THE BOXERS Kings Cross Sydney

‘The Boxers’ photo artwork from the Kings Cross – Sydney Collection. While graphic and bold in visual content, the tones complement the decor.


VR Art Glass by Visual Resource Printed Glass Splashback Pellegrinis Melbourne Streetscene

Why opt for an original artwork splashback?

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You don’t want your home to be just like everyone else’s, and you know individuality lies in the detail. That’s why you’re after a bespoke splashback, because focal points such as this set a home apart and give it a sense of your style and personality.

These days a splashback can be a veritable work of art right in the very heart of your home. This is particularly true if you consider using original photographic artwork as the source of your splashback creative.

Discerning home owners come to Visual Resource because they appreciate that we are first and foremost providers of the highest quality, most stunning bespoke photographic artwork produced by professional photographer Michael Collins. Over the years we have become incredibly skilled in printing these images onto the most spectacular mediums; splashbacks having become one of the most popular choices of ‘canvas’.


Imagine your next dinner party. Guests come over early in the evening and drinks are poured, nibbles are enjoyed, and conversation flows whilst a meal is prepared. For many of us, it is the kitchen that is the soul of a home and it’s here much of the socialising is done until meals are served.

And it’s moments like this when your original artwork splashback really comes into its own.

Such a splashback is an incredible backdrop – it can deliver the interior anchor for the entire space and be a regular talking point. It can be that coveted feature everyone else envies yet is unlikely to ever have, given its carefully managed limited release.


If you are considering original artwork for your splashback, then it is imperative you research beforehand so that you are assured a bespoke piece. It would be heartbreaking to invest in a supposed original, only to later discover that ‘your’ image is in fact available en-masse, and has been used generically by companies on brochures or merchandise, therefore compromising the integrity of your interior. Removing a splashback is not as easy – nor as cost effective – as simply taking down a framed photograph from a wall…

Dubova WHITE FLOWERS image for a ktichen splashback

The splashback impression is for example only and based on ‘WHITE FLOWERS’, an image created by Dubova – available from Shutterstock. ‘White Flowers’ is not an original artwork created by VR, or offered within VR Collections.

Tshirt mug - could your splashback art end up here

It would be heartbreaking to invest in a supposed original, only to discover that ‘your’ image is in fact available en-masse, used generically by companies on brochures or merchandise. Imagine seeing your splashback image on a T-shirt!



We know this is more than just a splashback – this is a feature in the home you are so carefully creating.

We understand that it is the calibre of the artwork that is of upmost and enduring importance; the glazing and print solution must adhere to this high standard. Approaching this process the other way around – selecting a generic image after the glazing and printing solution – can lead to long-lasting disappointment if not managed by knowledgeable professionals.

Our consultants have extensive experience in this and every other stage of the creative process – we help you select the ultimate artwork for your home, and we work fastidiously to ensure the finished piece is seamless, remarkable, and precisely what you always had in mind.

This is not merely a splashback – this is a work of art in your home.

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Wall Art Melb Skyline #7 by Michael Collins

Wake Up Your Walls: VR Art Glass featuring ‘Melbourne Skyline #7’

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Selecting a good artwork can become a major focal point for the room.

When it came to the vast, open plan design of this home…the grand scale artwork has become a focal point from first entry, to lounge, to dining and even from outside!

The wall the artwork occupies enjoys visibility from many vantage points – so it had to be worthy of its premium real estate. Homeowners selected an iconic image of Melbourne from the VR Melbourne Skyline Collection, captured by Photographer Michael Collins. Finished on glass, the VR Art Glass wall feature is every bit as impressive as its setting.

VR Art Glass Wall Feature Printed Glass Splashback

VR Art Glass: printed glass wall featuring iconic photographic artwork ‘Melbourne Skyline # 7’

The homeowners are convinced they found the perfect artwork and finish to compliment the home – both aesthetically and functionally. It’s ‘right’ for the home and people living in it, and they are simply delighted with the end result.

Sometimes a room needs a king hit of something…(especially a room visible from many vantage points within an open plan layout). Mural sized VR Art Glass certainly packs a punch, delivering the impressive and inspired feature the space was crying out for.

VR Art Glass by Visual Resource wall prior to installation

Engineers by profession – the homeowners purpose built the wall with a VR Art Glass feature in mind.

Can you imagine a modest sized canvas on this wall? The scale would be all-wrong and the art in danger of looking as relevant as a postage stamp. The grand scale of the wall called for a suitably grand scaled artwork, as much in visual content as in size.

The art you choose for your walls is one of the ways to make a space yours – the thing that ensures no two spaces will ever be alike – the thing that makes living in your home a pure joy!

VR Art Glass by Visual Resource Wall Art Installation In Action

While the end result may look effortless…these gentlemen would beg to differ! The hard work of installation. Check out the size of the panel !

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Melbourne Graffiti Street Art

VR Art Glass delivers above & beyond… wall art on a grand scale

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VR Art Glass: custom photo artwork printed on glass – commands attention while taking centre stage within a modern Rosebud home.

Often described as providing a feature within a kitchen, this home takes the potential of VR Art Glass to new heights.  The vast bulkhead delivered the perfect blank canvas to add an engaging, visually stunning piece of art.

The VR photo artwork Centre Lane gives the feeling of a slightly gritty yet vibrant Melbourne.  The movement of the city together with the invitation to sample our café culture – all evocatively on display in the grand kitchen setting of this home.

The original photo artwork created by Michael Collins for Visual Resource was filled with colour.  The homeowner had a particular vision for her artwork, so working collaboratively with VR the artwork was converted to black & white, and then some gentle pops of colour were reintroduced.  With a keen eye for balance, our client guided the creative direction of this piece sensitively and with great success.

VR ArtGlass Printed Glass Melbourne Streetscapes by Photographer Michael Collins

Taking the potential of VR Art Glass to a whole new level. Wall Art within the kitchen – so much more than just a splashback.

VRArtGlass Wall Art Melbourne Centre Lane photo artwork by Michael Collins

‘Centre Lane’ photographic artwork by Michael Collins – customised to meet the creative brief of the homeowner.


Of greatest importance – what does the homeowner think of the end result?

She wrote, “I am gobsmacked! Thanks for working with us to achieve this wonderful result.”

VR Art Glass Printed Glass Melbourne Installation Street Art Photography

To put into perspective the scale of this art piece… panels are as tall as the installers.

Printed Glass Splashback Melbourne NATURES SHAPE 4 VR Art Glass

VR Art Glass – Printed Glass Splashback Melbourne – featuring Natures Shape # 4

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VR Art Glass provides the creative scope to add personality and individual style to your kitchen or bathroom.

VR Art Glass combines original VR artwork printed on toughened glass: delivering an impressive feature to set your home apart.

Robust and durable to the rigours of active homes
– Heat & Moisture resistant
– Hygienic and easy to clean
– The artwork will not crack or fade

Add a dash of creativity – for a stunning space, unlike any other.

Visual Resource creates art to reflect the personal style of people, and compliment designs. We ensure the sum of all parts work cohesively for a stunning result.

Creative imagery is at the core of VR Art Glass.
The extensive collections of photo artworks created by VR – will ensure the perfect choice for your feature piece.

The end result may provide a subtle integration with your kitchen design – or an eye-catching feature. The creative options are limitless.

Melbourne Splashback Printed VR Art Glass

Grand design comes in many shapes and sizes

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A kitchen with heart, and art…

Sharing another fine example of design with heart, by Patricia La Torre of Outside Inside Building Elements.

La Torre encouraged her clients to start the finish selection process with an artwork.  Upon the clients’ selection of VR artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’ – this became the genesis and inspiration for remaining kitchen materials and colours.

Melbourne kitchen with printed VR Art Glass Splashback

Kitchen design by Patricia La Torre of Outside Inside Building Elements
A kitchen with heart, and art.

This beautifully composed kitchen is an aesthetic triumph.  Of the design process, and specifically in relation to working with a feature artwork, Patricia La Torre said,

‘I try to incorporate some item of artwork or individuality in every design and I think a ‘feature’ glass splashback is a perfect option. 

By incorporating colours that relate to the artwork, then the design is more harmonious, balanced and pleasing to the eye.’  

Splashback with art NATURES SHAPE #4 by Visual Resource

VR Artwork ‘Natures Shape # 4’ – customised to compliment the generous bench to ceiling splashback area.

We feel this kitchen is a shining example of what is possible when great design and colour confidence are delicately balanced.

What does the homeowner think?

“I am absolutely delighted with the kitchen and especially with the featured artwork.  We asked Patricia to design in a ‘wow’ factor and the fantastic splashback (too mundane a word for such a creation!) certainly provides that.  We have had nothing but admiring oohs and aahs from visitors.”  

Visual Resource Splashback with ART

VR Art Glass splashback featuring ‘Natures Shape # 4’
The inspiration source for the remaining kitchen colours and finishes.



VR Art Glass printed splashback melbourne INSTALLATION

The hard yakka involved with installation. It took three men to carry the large VR Art Glass piece up the stairs.